I think a lot of people are talking about this, but I’m not sure they really get it.

Your time is everything. How you spend it equals your future. It has to be taken seriously. This is why scheduling is so important. Read on to learn how to get control over your time.


Time Management


Article: Time is Money, so how do you take control of it?

I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and there is a great resistance at first to scheduling. People don’t like the idea of being so controlled. The reality is that you just won’t get to carrying out revenue generating activities or time to yourself if you don’t. Other things will get in the way. They will become priorities when they’re not. The most important use of your time in business, is to spend your time on the activities that will grow your business, aka increase your revenue, and making time to keep your energy high, aka self-care.

Look at the activities that are the most revenue generating, and make time for them on the calendar. Making sales calls definitely needs to be in there, and something you must be doing every day, regardless of what stage you are at in business. If you are not reaching your goals, you must focus on sales every single day. Don’t let other projects get in the way. If you’re hitting your goals and can’t keep up with new business, start looking at your follow-up plan and training your team. I will be going over this more in my upcoming sales retreat. Go here for more information on that.

Make time for servicing your clients. Try batching your time, so that client fulfillment days on are during certain days of the week. If you need to open up an evening or weekend, choose specific days of the week and set times that you make available.

Schedule in time for your success routine and studying. By success routine, I mean anything that makes you feel good and connects you to source (The Universe). For me, it’s a walk in nature and meditating. Add this to your schedule each and every day. Your success will depend on it. By studying, I mean either improving your technical skills and working on yourself (self-development). This will improve your confidence and skill set greatly. I recommend an hour a day (outside of work hours).

 Get help with all administrative type of tasks in your business and energy-draining activities in your personal life. Your time needs to be dedicated to revenue generating activities, and you also need to avoid burnout on the personal side. If you finish your workday, only to have a mile long to do list related to your house and family, you are going to get burned out fast. Take it from me, I’ve been there.

When you have control over your time, your business and quality of life in general will shift. You have to value yourself and your mission enough to do this. It’s up to you 🙂