I had an amazing time at David Neagle’s Breaking Free Live Experience (BFLE), over the weekend! This is a picture of me celebrating my success over the past year with David! It’s amazing to think that just over a year ago, I was an attendee at BFLE dreaming to be up on that stage one day. Fast forward a year, and it happened. Your dreams can and will come true too!

CA BFLE 2013


As I sit down to write my article for this week, I come to two very important realizations.

  1. I’m sitting outside in 80-degree weather in November. I am living my dream on several different levels. The first is that I live in this weather! My husband and I made the decision a few years back to move from the cold weather (outside of Toronto), to California. This is AMAZING! I will never take this for granted. The second is that I’m working outside. I remember all of those years in corporate when I was cooped up in an office. I did have a view, but still. Nothing competes with being able to work outside. It makes my heart sing.
  2. I realize how free I am because of the support I have in my business. All I have to do is focus on serving clients and growing my business. All of the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff is taken care of because of having a great team in place. I am so thankful for the support and proactive planning over at Team Beckers. For help with systems and strategy, please check out Kim Beckers at www.kimbeckers.com

Today’s article is about being thankful for systems and support, and to convey to you just how imperative both are for the continued growth of your company.

Article:  This will make or break your business!

Get the support you need. Get the support you need in your business and at home. Get the support you need now – like a.s.a.p. Don’t wait until you can afford it. My mentor once told me to spend my way to success. I agree with that statement on few different levels. The first, is that it creates a sense of urgency for you to shift your thinking and be who you need to be in order to have the business and life you really want. The second, and more applicable to this article, is that when you invest in getting the support you need you will have more time to grow your business. You can spend time making service calls (what I now call sales calls), and grow your business. When you find the right support team you will also have the peace of mind that your business is in good hands, and being well taken care of. You can relax. Someone has your back. This is HUGE!!!!

When looking for support, first be clear on what your support team can do for you. What would make your life a whole lot easier if you let go and had help with it?

Here are some ideas:

  • Uploading and sending your ezine, and the social media around it
  • Billing and accounts receivable
  • Booking your appointments
  • New client enquiries
  • New client enrollment
  • Client management for logistical information
  • Creating sales pages
  • Organizing your teleclass campaign
  • The list goes on…

When you have the support, everything will change. I had a virtual assistant (VA), for many years, which was awesome! This is definitely a service you need to add into your business even if you’re just starting. If you’ve been in business for awhile, you may want to consider an online business manager. They are more proactive in that they can help with business planning, and have a deeper knowledge on systems. They keep you in line, instead of you managing a VA. If you have a list size of over 500 people, or a have reached 6-figures in our business, then it’s a good time to look at bumping-up.

It’s also equally as important to have help in your personal life. Start with a cleaning lady. Realize that A) you are giving someone a job, and B) you can use the time you will save to grow your business. If you are a woman (sorry guys, nothing against you), you are likely to be the nucleus of your family and are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. Having someone clean your house will help the rest of your home – and life – run more smoothly.

With my increased travel schedule, we decided to hire someone to help with laundry and groceries too. This is probably the best decision I’ve made in years! The person hasn’t started yet, and I already feel better. Just knowing I have extra support coming makes all of the difference. I also feel great knowing I am supporting someone else in growing her business 🙂

The other side of the coin is that you must be willing to do what you need to do make the money to pay for these services. That is the secret. And no I’m not referring to anything illegal 🙂 You may need to shift your focus in your business, but you likely need to change who you are being. You need to show-up differently in your business. Ask yourself, how does the version of you who is already at the level you are desiring behave? How does she think, act, feel, make decisions, dress, etc.? This is who you need to be.