Ahhh…this is me after my SECOND walk of the day! What the?!

It was heavenly.

The first walk I treated myself to a walk on the beach, with NO dogs, NO phone, and NO ONE else.

Can you tell I needed a little alone time?!

I love my walks with my dogs and that’s what my second walk was…

But…sometimes we need a complete break. As Mom’s we tend to take a lot on, and sadly our own needs get put on the back burner.

And sometimes we just need a complete break from all people and all things.

But the interesting thing is I love walks in nature, but I don’t allow myself to go alone very often.

We have two Australian Shepards who need a lot of exercise, and it’s taken years to allow myself to fit a long walk into the schedule, nevermind two in one day!

This was earlier this week, and I even ended up having a third that day. Unheard of. My husband and I took the dogs on the local trail later that night, and what I loved about this was it was a great way to catch-up on the day while giving ourselves and the dogs a little exercise.

But back to my beach walk…

Of course the most magical thing happened…as I felt more calm and grounded…the ideas starting pouring in.

Next steps for my rental property business, new ideas for my coaching business, and solutions to some personal issues.

And I was reminded yet again, this is why self-care makes such a big difference.

We become calm, grounded, and then…empowered.

We make decisions from this place.

And this is directly connected to the results we create.

We still have to take inspired action, but that’s just it.

We’re much more inspired to take the action!

Because we’re excited and have the energy to do so!

So what can you do that you love, that’s just for you?

Go on and schedule it!