I’m always saying how much I love dogs because they have the most unconditional love! That they’re my favourite family members because they don’t talk back, they listen, and they just exude love! Wink, wink 😉

But I did realize something around this on a walk earlier this week with these two 🐶

We feel good around animals because their love is pure. There is no judgement. It’s like being in the presence of the ultimate guru!

I went to Peru with a group once and we got to work with a shaman and his son. I’ll never forget our first day when I was sitting beside the son, and I felt the most unconditional loving energy come over me. It was so strong I teared up.

It’s the same with nature. The energy is pure and clear and no wonder why we feel good in it 💚

On the flip side, when we’re around people we’re navigating all kinds of energy. Both their energy, and our own emotions and reactions to them.

So staying in a loving, accepting place can be tricky.

The ego wants to pull us out, make others right or wrong, good or bad, and it keeps us in a place of judgment.

And therefore separate and isolated…and away from the true connection our soul’s crave ❤️

So what can we do?

Well having the awareness is half the battle…

Checking-in…is this my stuff or theirs?

Letting go if it’s theirs…seeing it for what it is, accepting them for where they are, and moving on.

Unless our guidance tells us some kind of action is needed, but tuning in and listening through our intuition is key there.

If it is our stuff, meaning we have some kind of reaction or trigger, then going inward and asking ourselves what is coming up?

It usually goes back to some kind of story we’re telling ourselves about being afraid of not being good enough or being a bad person, if we really dig deep.

Shine a light on that too. How are you good enough now? How are you a good enough person?

Does it mean we don’t make mistakes? No. But it does mean we have compassion for where we are, utilize the tools we have, and being open to learning the lessons that present themselves.

I hope this helps you navigate all of the heavier emotions that come wight being human!

And if all else fails, spend some time in nature. It’s the best mini-cleanse 💚