This week I’m in Atlanta at a transformational meeting with my mentor. I love coming to our bi-monthly meetings because I have the opportunity to connect with amazing like-minded peers and continue to dig out my own obstacles 🙂 This type of continued learning and accountability is critical for success! Today I share with you the value of connecting offline. This still holds an important place, and is meaningful for building a successful business.

In today’s day and age, communication has been completely taken over by technology. We are so inundated by email and texts that the value of receiving a note from someone in this format has lost its novelty. Do you really like receiving a birthday or thank-you note by email? Sure it’s nice to know someone is thinking about you, but isn’t it much more personal to receive a handwritten note? This came up in my mastermind meeting the other day. When someone takes the time to write and mail you a hand written note, it really means a lot more. They’ve taken the time out of their busy schedule to do something for you.

I think this is important in business too. I know I feel special when I receive a personal note that is business related. Think about how your clients, prospective clients and even centers of influence (people who refer clients to you), will feel if you send them something.

I’m always thinking about things I can do for other people and it’s about making the time to do it. Setting up a system in your business (and life), to fit it in is the key to making it happen.

Tip #1: Create a data base. Take that stack of business cards you’ve collected and enter them into your contact management system or even an excel spreadsheet. Categorize your contacts into current clients, past clients, potential clients and centers of influence. You will then have your list and addresses ready to go when you need them.

Tip #2: Create a game plan. How of ten do you want to reach out to each group? To give you a guideline, you may want to reach out to a center of influence every 60-90 days. Schedule these times into your calendar for the year. That way you know it’s been taken care of and when it pops up on your calendar you can address it.

Tip #3: if you think of something fun or maybe someone is just on your mind, send them a note. Schedule in some time that week to make it happen. Try batching it in with other tasks you have going on that week, i.e. buy a card when you’re going to be at the store for something else. Actually, this brings up another useful tip.

Tip #4: Keep a stack of cards on hand. They can be personalized or represent something else coneys your uniqueness. For example, I send out cards that have motivational quotes on them that I love. Some people use automated card businesses where you can send out cards to people in bulk. These services are great for when you want to send out a lot of cards at once. keep in mind though, that a copy of your signature is used. When I get this type of card, I don’t really feel like it’s that personal. Just think about what the card is going out for and how you want to come across. It might work well for you.

Tip #5: Think outside of the box! What else can you do other than sending notes or cards? Maybe it’s an article or tickets to a show that you know someone will really love. Accompanied by a hand written note, and this will have a huge impact!