I have the good fortune of exercising by the ocean every Friday morning with one of my best friends here! There is a giant staircase down to the beach and we run up and down the stairs and do a workout every week! It’s such goodness! We then go to our favourite local coffee shop and have the best coconut cream coffee! These mornings truly fill me up – with being by the ocean, getting in some exercise, and being with a friend. And of course, the coffee!! β˜•οΈ

And one of the best parts is we have the most inspired conversations! Sure, we share anything on our minds, but we always circle back to this place. What happened recently is such a great example of this πŸ’›

A couple of weeks ago my friend had to put down their family cat and they were devastated. She was tearing up telling me about it, and then the most magical thing happened. We started seeing this tiny baby bunny everywhere! Throughout our whole workout we saw it in different places!! We just knew it was a sign from her cat! It was sweet Lilly saying she was okay…

The next week when we were back on the same stairs, we saw sooo many rabbits again! At first, we noticed two adults while we went up-and-down a few times, and then we noticed two babies at a different spot and realized they were a family of four πŸ™‚

Now this might not “sound” like really anything, but we have been doing the stairs once a week for years (a few months off during covid), and have probably seen two rabbits total that entire time.

This was without a doubt a message for my friend ❀️

That same day we got into a great conversation about subconscious communication between people and how we can read each other’s thoughts – apparently there is a great Netflix series out called Superhuman, which I haven’t checked out yet. To me being able to pick up on other people’s energy / thoughts / feelings is just about tuning into our own intuition. It’s those thoughts when we just “know” to pick up the phone and call someone, only to find out they were just thinking about us πŸ™‚ This is super handy in a business growth situation where you’re asking for more people to help, and then will just “think” of the right person to call. This has happened repeatedly for myself and my clients πŸ™‚

It’s really the universe communicating with us through our thoughts and feelings. This is where our most magnificent brainstorms come from and why taking the time for ourselves to receive it is super important.

So fast forward to the end of our pushups on the sand 😳 and we see this…

The markings of an angel in the sand from where we had worked out beside one another…

Ahhh… if that isn’t enough evidence that we are supported by something much bigger than ourselves I don’t know what is!

Start paying attention to those signs showing-up in your life. And it should be noted, that these signs are for You! So if they resonate as something, then they are! No need to get reassurance from someone else πŸ˜‰

My journey into all of this stared after losing my Dad unexpectedly when I was 28. This learning has brought so much comfort over the years and has also ignited a spiritual business growth journey.

I hope you will feel comforted and supported too… because that universal support is there for you every step of the way in every area of your life πŸ’›

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Chris xox