A big dream came true this past week – we bought a “mountain” house! We fell in love with Lake Tahoe last summer when we went camping there, and are just thrilled to have a spot where we can ski and use in the summer 💙 I’ve never seen a lake so magnificent!

And this all came from a dream my husband and I had a loooong time ago before we were even married! To own property in different areas that we could both use and rent out.

In order to do this it meant trusting – we lost out on soooo many homes with this hot market 🔥 AND several deals fell through with selling some of our other smaller investment properties. This has definitely been a PROCESS to say the least that we could have easily given up on at many times along the way.

But we don’t give up when we have a dream right?

Especially when it’s for someone else.

My big dream was to live in California and my husband was thankfully on-board, and HIS is to have a spot in the mountains – with being an avid snowboarder 🏂

And so we had to step into the place of trusting and believing the right way would unfold…

It was a great lesson for the kids to see how this looks in real time and that what we want to create doesn’t just show-up instantly.

But every next step does…

AND It involves patience and persistence.

And it did show-up ✔️

Now it needs work, so wish us luck as we embark upon a total renovation 😳

But I’ll keep my rose-coloured glasses on (my sunglasses literally have a pink tint) and stay focused on the awesome deck and beautiful views of the trees and mountains as we make this vision come to light.

And this post is a reminder for me too as we take these next steps – every single step will line up with contractors, vendors, and deliveries to get it rental ready 🙂

What I kept saying, and will say is…

Dear universe, if this is going to be a great investment for our family – both long and short term – please have this work out and show-us the way.

Because a few times it was looking dicey.

And that’s where the magic lies 💫

We don’t have to make things happen on our own…

We have a whole universe supporting us.

We just need to make decisions from our heart, and ask to be shown the way.

We then need to be able to spot the way and then take action to make it happen.

To RECEIVE every single step.

And I do have a process and it has been a journey to truly live life this way. Do I get anxious sometimes? Yep. But I can truthfully say, that this is how I now live my life…

Making decisions before the way is there.

Allowing the way to unfold with utmost trust and FUN to be honest!! I love this stuff!

Even with the renovation, things are already starting to unfold… with finding vendors that have materials when others have said it’s out of stock, our contractor who we just love being willing to make the trek up… that kind of stuff 😉

I’m curious…. if I were to put together a course or even a manifesting challenge, would that be of interest? I infuse this into everything I teach, but haven’t taught it as a stand-alone something in a very loooong time.

Just drop me a yep in a reply here 💫

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Chris xox

And let’s connect on social if we’re not already friends there 🙂