We had the most magical experience earlier this week! Right now the red tide is in effect – it happens every year when the water gets warmer. When a certain organism is stirred up during this time it can create a bioluminescent glow in the waves! Apparently this is really rare (happens every 6-10 years) AND it’s not typically this blue. It was truly magnificent and one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen – and I’ve been to Machu Picchu!!

Keeping our minds healthy during covid-19 is essential. Even though we’ve been having a good time at home, my kids were literally different people that night – with seeing the waves and also starting the evening with a “tailgate” taco dinner overlooking the ocean! Their smiles were so big!! We need to do the things that make us feel good, and now, more than ever, is a good time to dig out those old beliefs getting triggered so that you can have more peace, joy and abundance! Read on to learn more abut mindset and it’s impact.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much Love,
Chrissy xoxo

The top thing you need to know about mindset

So there’s a lot out there about mindset. What does it even mean to have a good mindset? Well it pertains to having positive and empowered thoughts. Our thoughts come from our beliefs (stories we’ve accepted to be true), which then dictates how we see the world, and therefore make decisions. The idea is to step into a better version of ourselves, where we can make empowered decisions and therefore create more loving and empowered results.

However, it becomes an issue when we try to be “perfect” about this. Where we analyze and dissect every single thought we have and why we have it. We can open up a can of worms when we’re trying to sort out where our old stories and beliefs have come from. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to bring awareness to them so that we know they’re even there, but the key is to not stay there.

I remember this from my early NLP training days – asking why will keep you stuck. It doesn’t put you in a resourceful frame of mind. Go curious yes, but know when to move on. Asking why over-and-over sends you down a never ending pit. We want to bring disempowered beliefs to our conscious minds so that they no longer stop us from creating the life we want to experience, by consciously choosing to make a new and empowered choice instead.

Quite frankly the analyzing is an ego trap, wanting you to stay stuck and small, and it also leads to victimhood – blaming whoever was responsible for feeding us the stories / beliefs we’ve accepted to be true.

I just love the interview Oprah did with Dr. Edith Eva Eger, which she shared on her podcast. She was a part of the holocaust and is quite adamant she is not a victim. It happened to her, but it is not who she is. No one gets to write her story but her. She so eloquently says, “when we have choices we can let go of the victimhood of our past”. Let’s remember we all have a choice. It doesn’t’ diminish anything we’ve been through, but it empowers us to not let it define us.

Gain the awareness of what the story is, and then send some love to the younger you that went through it. Then know you have the choice, and make the decision, to not let it run the show any longer. You’ve got this.