Happy Birthday to my Dad! He would have been 77 today.

He passed 17 years ago, a month after our son was born (what a crazy time that was!), and I think of him often and always on this day ❤️

Even though I know he’s still here (the signs have been plenty), and I have learned to connect within him in my own way over the years, it is still doesn’t replace the physical touch of a hug and a laugh, and spending time with him.

It still makes me sad that he never met his grandchildren and that we don’t have any of those memories to think of.

I wish we could have one last meal and laugh together. I cherish all of those good times ❤️

But knowing he’s here watching over us and guiding us from a different place does bring some peace.

For everyone else who has lost someone they love, I am thinking about you too and sending you lots of love.

Being able to connect with passed loved ones for people has brought such immense healing and validation that we do live on, and I can’t think of more powerful “work” I could be facilitating.

What validation that our spirit lives on and that we truly are limitless 💫

Watch for the signs from those you love, they are always there. You know in your heart that it’s your loved one communicating with you, and no one else needs to validate this for you.