I see business owners doing this all of the time. They map out an amazing strategy to grow their business, get super excited, and then all of a sudden stop after only a short while.

Hmmm… what gives?

They haven’t given the strategy enough time to play it’s course. Seeds take time to grow and break ground. Most of the time they are giving up because they don’t see immediate results. They start second guessing not only the strategy, but themselves, and give up.

Being consistent is key. Giving yourself a reasonable timeline to see through a strategy and then committing to it even when you want to throw in the towel will go a long way.

Remember, this is exactly what your subconscious wants you to do.


Trying new things is scary and often pulls us out of our comfort zone. The subconscious is designed to keep us safe, and is therefore trying to get our agreement to stop. It will show you every reason under the sun to do so.

So what can you do?

Have the awareness that this is what is happening deep down and don’t allow yourself to stop. Honour that initial commitment you made in terms of timing. It’s also important to set measurements at the beginning on how you will track the initiative in order to determine if it’s successful. Sometimes we think something isn’t working, when it actually is. Set measureable criteria and targets, and stay the course.

Of course it’s important to not put all of your eggs in one basket either. I always suggest implementing 2-3 strategies at once. When you have other ideas that pop-up because they will – you’re a creative entrepreneur after all! – jot them down and save them for later. Otherwise bright-red-shiny- object-syndrome sets in and you won’t end up seeing any of the strategies to fruition.

When deciding on strategies, first ask yourself what ideas are the most exciting – because without passion you just won’t give it your all and therefore won’t get out of it what you’re wanting. Second, look at what will bring you the best results in the shortest amount of time. If your goal is quick growth. Some initiatives will obviously be longer standing and may be a permanent growth strategy in your business. These longer-term strategies usually come from trial and error on executing the above first anyway. Success leaves clues, so you will discover what strategies you enjoy the most and work the best for your business.

And last but not least, have fun! This is your opportunity to run your business the way you like, and in a way that brings you and your future clients joy.

Much Love,

Chris xoxo