I reconnected with three beautiful friends this week and my heart is full ❤️

I went to Ventura (north of LA) to be a guest on a podcast, which that in of itself was such an inspiring and soul filling experience! Two amazing women host it and I had the best time with them 🙂 I’ll share the episode for sure when it comes out.

I had made plans with my one friend to meet afterward in the Westlake Village area, who I hadn’t seen for years. Well on the way I thought maybe I will even see if my other friend is free afterward. I was in no rush to sit in a ton of traffic on the way back to San Diego, and thought I might even stay over.

Well low and behold, as the first friend was walking into lunch she ran into the second friend! And they rarely run into each other! There was so much screaming and hugging, and it was truly the BEST! Divinely led for sure and we had such a great time getting caught up 💛

I ended up staying over at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn, and had the ultimate self-care evening! I used that room FULLY! I had the best bath in the oversized jet tub, had the fireplace on with the sliding door open (my ultimate), and ordered room service and rented a movie. It was heavenly!

And it doesn’t end there, I was also supposed to call my other friend on my drive back, who was also a part of this women’s group. Well we ended up making plans to have coffee the next morning since I was staying over, and we too had such a beautiful, helpful and heartfelt conversation ❤️

All of the conversations with these friends were deep and light. We shared our stresses, our annoyances in businesses, where our hearts are being pulled, our worries about our kids, the annoying things our husbands do (sorry guys), had a lot of laughs and got into some really serious issues too.

Swearing, laughing, crying.

And I’m reminded of the power of women.

Our ability to share our hearts openly, analyze a situation as much as we like, laugh and cry along the way. Be there for someone else with the drop of the hat. Share our experiences, be relatable, and there to support 🩷

Nothing beats it.

And the more vulnerable and real we are, the more of an open and loving exchange we have.

We are all struggling in one way or another. Just when we think we’ve got it, we don’t.

The more we can laugh and get out of our heads the better.

The more we can share with our friends and even our business communities, that it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to not have it all together.

This is real life. We are real humans with real emotions.

We go through stuff, and we help other people by sharing and being there.

It’s a give and receive. The more we can do both the more we see the biggest gift around us.


In all areas.

It puts us in a beautiful, surrendered energy where we cut through the tough exterior or perfectionism, and open up to the love and guidance there for all of us.

Not a coincidence we had 5 bookings in one day for our rental property.

Not a coincidence my navigation took me through Malibu on the way home (which it never does), where I was reminded of how this Cali dream all started.


And I didn’t even get into the workout I had with a friend earlier in the week or the long convo I had with another friend. They continue to be friendships I am so grateful for every single day.

Reach out to a friend. Go for a coffee or a walk, and share your heart ❤️