So how did my client do this? Well, let’s talk a little bit about what was going on for him prior to this.


He is an amazing heart-centered person who is extremely intelligent. He’s been a student of personal development for the past few years. While making some progress, there was something that kept him from taking action. Massive action.


He would procrastinate by staying in analysis-paralysis mode. By never quite moving forward in the way he really wanted to. It always felt too risky and he would talk himself out of it. He held back in conversations with others, including business partners and potential clients. He was not being who he needed to be.


He was successful, but nowhere near reaching the potential he knew that possible in his heart.


Well, we got to the crux of the matter which was all about not measuring up to his father’s standards and never feeling good enough. He was never worthy deep down in his subconscious mind. This was dictating all of his decisions, resulting in many missed opportunities. Through the awareness of what was really going on, he was able to begin making different decisions.


The shift happened quickly (within weeks), because he was open and ready. He literally turned a $50 k opportunity into a $1 million deal. What he said about this is fascinating – it was the easiest thing he’s ever done while being the biggest deal he’s ever put together.


How is this possible? Because he’s in the flow. He is now in alignment with the abundant energy, where amazing opportunities and experiences flow easily. There is no struggle because he believes in himself and is showing-up differently. He’s now making decisions and taking action in a much different way, and seeing the results to go along with it.


I share this story with you to show you how simple this can actually be. It just involves a shift in perspective. That is the only thing holding you back from creating similar results. Start taking a deep look at what is really going on deep down, and for goodness sake get some help with this! This was one of this person’s issues as well – that he didn’t need any help and could do it all himself. Well, this is because deep down he didn’t feel worthy of the help. It caused him putting high expectations of himself, which kept him so busy he was about to burnout and could never catch a break. This is how far reaching these beliefs are. They affect everything. Once you dig out that core belief, you can literally create whatever you like. The sky is the limit! You are limitless!!