Most of you probably tend to think of the movie “The Butterfly Effect” when you read those words. That was about the chaos theory, meaning one series of events leads to another, and the effect of changing the course of those events. This ezine is about the powerful effects these beautiful creatures and their energy have on us.

I researched this topic on the Internet, and found the following:

The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation. It has special meaning to many people around the world. Change is part of life and the Butterfly is the essence of change. From darkness in to light where colours are bright and the butterfly is free. Humans are no different. Often we find ourselves in the dark and yearn for light and freedom. As we understand that life is not permanent and we make our journey of life, navigating the changes and transformations we make along the way – the more we are akin to the beautiful butterfly. We can change many times over, finding ourselves in different places, situations & dealing with different homes, work & relationships along the way. Change brings with it healthy evolution, an ability to use our own intuition and use our inspiration and energy to inspire those around us. Bright colours get noticed. Pure white light surrounds us and yet we struggle to see the truth of life, love and nature before our very eyes.

After my “awakening” in 2006, I started seeing butterflies everywhere! Even while driving on the highway! I just knew they had some symbolic meaning. I experienced so much joy when I saw them and they truly uplifted my mood. Change & Transformation – a good thing right?

How do you handle change?

Do you look for the positive and silver lining in everything that shows up in your life or do you tend to focus on the negative? I truly believe we are all here to evolve. Therefore, everything that happens in our life is a lesson and shows up in order to help us grow. You can either be a victim and ask “Why me?” or you can ask “What is the bigger message here, what do I need to learn?” Notice how empowering it is to ask yourself the latter and proceed with figuring it out.

What changes do you need to make in your life?

Take a look at what you have been avoiding doing. Also look at what types of changes, although difficult at first, will boost your energy & bring you joy.

Change is good. Making the decision to change is half the battle. Once you do that, you will likely feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Carrying out whatever it is will then feel like a breeze…

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”
– Author Unknown