I read (or should I say listened to), the book, “Into the Light”, by John Lerma, during my 8+ drive to Tahoe the other day. It is amazing!

A hospice doctor started noticing patterns with people who were about to pass. In terms of extraordinary visions about the other side, and what we’re meant to do with our time here before we pass. So much so he couldn’t deny it.

It’s heart warming and up-lifting.

We refer to the book in our podcast this week, as we share our version of Stranger Thing’s “upside down world”, except this version is the Golden Upside Down…

I hope this brings you a little peace, and a shift in perspective from fear to love. When we shift our state of mind and how we’re making decisions, we are truly limitless in what we can co-create with the universe ๐Ÿ’ซ

Oh, and speaking of books, I finished writing mine this week and it’s off to the publisher! I am so excited!

It was a journey and I miss it already. I’ll share my biggest take aways in an upcoming post ๐Ÿ™Œ

But… I could not have done it without the gal who helped me create the book proposal! Richelle used to work for Hay House, and was in charge of the marketing and PR for their authors. She knows all of the ins and outs on what it takes to have a proposal accepted by a publisher, including platform coaching (i.e. how big of a data base / following do you need to get a book deal, etc)!

She started her own business and little while ago, and found she just wasn’t able to help everyone through 1:1 (I was lucky to get in with her in that capacity), and group coaching, and so she has created an online course! Enrollment opens on August 3rd, and you can get on the waitlist + all of the details here if you’re interested. I highly recommend working with her if you’ve been wanting to write a book, or are already in the process ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox

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