Here is a sneak peak of the video footage my team created yesterday for my new website! I am so excited that it will be live in a few weeks! It feels great to be stepping into a brand that reflects my growth and truth 🙂


Chris photoshoot May 2014


I want to share with you an important topic. It’s something I see entrepreneurs doing all of the time, and until this is shifted they will not have the success level they truly desire. I also used to do the same thing so I can totally relate. Keep reading to learn the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making, and learn how you can start to shift it 🙂

I see this all of the time. Entrepreneurs hear about a strategy that has worked for another business owner, and think they can use it to achieve results too. You might be at an event, listening to a training or reading it in a magazine. It doesn’t matter so much where they’re learning it – note the source isn’t important – it’s that they don’t know the back-story and what made it work for that particular person.

Let’s be honest, how many of us have signed-up for a program promising a step-by-step system that will help us have all of the money we could ever ask for? That promises us the lifestyle and business of our dreams? My hand is raised.

The problem is this. You can have all of the strategies in the world, but if you don’t have the mindset to go with it, it will not work for you. I repeat – it. will. not. work. for. you. If you don’t have the confidence in yourself nor see the value in your services, it will not work.

Therein lies the secret. It’s not about the strategy. Too many entrepreneurs are spending money and time focusing on the wrong thing – the strategy. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely do need to have a plan and must know enough about growing a business in order to be successful. However, if you’re trying strategy after strategy, program after program, and still not getting the results you want, then this is not where you should be spending your time or resources. When I really started addressing what was going on inside of me, was when my business really started to grow. I was able to finally tap into the universal law I had been studying so diligently.

The problem is that you can’t see how to fix the problem from your current awareness. You must take the time and make the investment to do the inner work. This is all about shifting your perspective and gaining awareness to new levels of thinking, in order for you to make different decisions. It’s not about what you’re doing; it’s about who you’re being.

When you dig out what’s going on inside, you can make decisions that are going to lead to your success. Decisions that are in alignment with you being the very best version of yourself. The version that has shifted their thinking, and has the tools to create the abundance and happiness they desire on the inside and outside. It’s about drawing out who you really are. A divine spirit, capable of so many things.

This does take work. It takes a commitment to your bigger vision and purpose. Committing to do whatever it takes to get out of your own way. Until you address those deeper core issues, you just won’t have the life you really want. It is literally like turning on a switch. You can turn the switch on now. For those of you who are serious about this, please reach out. I would love to talk with you about turning on your switch. You don’t have to keep struggling and settling for less. Email my team and we will set something up. I’m serious about this. I do not want to talk to you if you’re not serious.