When we can truly step out of worrying (lack, fear-based thinking), and into our natural state of loving and giving, everything in our lives will change.

I’ve said multiple times before that “giving to get” is not the right way to go about giving. If you are doing it to better yourself in some way, you are not doing it for the right reasons. The other thing to realize is that you can tell when someone is doing this. They may be saying all of the right things, but you can feel their energy isn’t genuine. Something feels off. It’s because they are trying to get. We’re probably all guilty of this; so don’t worry if this is sounding like you. You can shift it anytime, and start operating from a genuine “how can I best help” mentality. In business this is essential when speaking to a prospect. When you are legitimately trying to help them this will come through. You may refer them to a great book, another person or to your product or service. The intention is that it is whatever will best help them move forward.

This doesn’t just apply to business though, and this is the missing link. God doesn’t care where you give. He/She just feels that you are in alignment with your truth and more will be given to you in return. Creating is your natural state and it’s why it’s important to follow your heart’s desires. When you’re in this state it doesn’t matter whether you are giving in your business or personal life. The point is that you are giving. You are trying to better someone else’s life. It might be volunteering for your kid’s baseball team, taking the time to call a relative to say hello or just spending time with a loved one. It might be just a smile or saying thank-you and showing gratitude. It’s all about helping and serving.

In the book, “Working with the Law”, by Raymond Holliwell, he states that what you give is proportionate to what you will receive. It makes total sense. If you are coming from a loving place with others, you will stay in a loving place with receiving from others too. It’s a natural state of giving and receiving. On the flip side, if you give only some of the time that means you are not in alignment with your natural source and in your ego for the rest. This therefore produces mixed results of love (abundance) and ego driven (lack) creations. This shows-up as getting some results but not consistently.

The great thing about this is when you truly give from this place (love, connection); you honestly do not care about getting. It just feels so good to give that you are focused on that alone. The receiving is just a nice bonus later. It really does come in spades too – it’s pretty unbelievable actually. This goes back to being legitimate in your giving. Only give to people, causes, etc. that you feel drawn and connected to.

Something else Holliwell states in his book, is that you should only give to people in a way that will better their lives. For example, funding an alcoholic’s bad habits is enabling not giving, and is not in their best interests. That’s an extreme example, and you can probably see how it sometimes doesn’t feel good to give to someone who is coming from a needy or dysfunctional place. It will feel off for you too.

Think about how you can start giving today. What can you do to make a difference in the lives of the people in your life? When you’re not worrying about how you are going to “get”, you can relax, trust you’re taken care of and focus on serving others.