This week I was busy with client calls and a mastermind meeting. I feel grateful that I’m surrounded by such amazing people – both from a client and peer perspective! My Mom and step-Dad also arrived in time for the celebrations we have planned this weekend for Jude & Ella’s birthdays 🙂 Wish me luck, as we decided to combine their birthday parties and are hosting one big party instead!

Some of you may have heard of Ali Brown, who has been one of my personal mentors. Earlier this week she interviewed a few women in business who have achieved millionaire status. One woman was talking about how her “why” in business is to help support her child who has a brain disorder. She explained that she doesn’t have to worry about paying his $4000 a month medical bills. One of her other children is able to attend whichever college she chooses. She also indicated some of her children were adopted and she has chosen to make sizable donations to a supporting organization. None of this would be possible if she wasn’t running a successful business. What is important here is that she is clear on her “why”. Read on to learn about the 3 Why’s and why they’re so important for having a successful business.

“The 3 Why’s You Need to Know”

There are a couple of different “why’s” that are important for building a successful business. The first is knowing why you started your business. Connect with yourself for a few minutes and really think about what led you to start your business. Is it an area you excelled at or were passionate about? Most people have a meaningful reason for starting their business. Maybe something happened in your life that caused you to re-assess your career or made you passionate about fighting for a cause. There is likely a reason of importance hidden in there somewhere 🙂

This why should be everywhere in your business. Successful businesses have their “why” sprinkled throughout their marketing. For instance, my why is to help people do what makes them happy. This involves dreaming big, going for it and not settling for less. I include this on my website, in my bio and when I’m out talking to others. The background of my “why” usually comes up in conversation too. The short answer is that I felt stuck in my career and ended up watching the movie “The Secret”, which changed my life forever. People like hearing this story and feel connected to me as a result. This helps me build relationships, which in turn helps me grow my business.

The second “why” is your own personal reasons for running a business. Is it for the freedom it enables you? Maybe you don’t like conforming and you want to set your own hours. Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids and family. Maybe it’s that you have dreams so big, that having a successful business will help you achieve them. Only you know your “why”. Being aware of it will fuel you forward.

The last “why” to be aware of is in terms of sales (let’s face it, every entrepreneur is in sales), why should someone work with you? You’ve probably heard of WIIFM. In case you haven’t it stands for; What’s in it for me? People aren’t really interested in how you do things; it’s more about what you can do for them. What results will they get as a result from working with you? What can you do for them? If you know this and have prepared your sales calls around the answers, you will be much more appealing to your prospects. You can also include this “why” in all of your marketing. People want to know how you will solve whatever issue/problem they are facing. Take a few minutes and right down everything you do for your current clients. This will help you identify the results others get as a result of working with you.

Remembering your “why’s” everyday will keep you motivated and help you feel like you’re contributing to something bigger then just you. It will help you move through any negative money beliefs you’re having and inspire you to keep going. Our world needs you and your unique gifts, so please hang in there through thick and thin 🙂