Earlier this week I was trying to explain the universal grid that’s at play to my 9-year old daughter. This came after I had a simple thought that morning – that I would love to start my day with a beach walk before any of my client calls. Not even two minutes later, my first scheduled client of the day asked if it was possible to move our call to later on! This is how the universe works. And what I explained to Ella is that the universe knows what’s best for everyone involved. It doesn’t open up my schedule for a beach walk at the detriment of someone else missing out on something. Moving the call worked better for my client too, and it was the gentle nudge from the universe that had her take action and reach out to see if it worked. Inspired action still has to take place.



One of my friends posted this pic later on in the week, and it’s literally the image I was picturing and even tried to do a Google search to find to show Ella. We’re just a dot, or some would argue an idea (deep I know), in the vast universe. The universe knows exactly how to make everyone happy and how to make it happen so that it works for EVERYONE. We just have to notice the guidance and say yes to it. Imagine trying to figure out all of these pieces on our own! Yikes. Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about “how” to make everything we’re seeking happen.


So why doesn’t everyone tap into this? Well, unfortunately these are airy-fairy concepts for some, and the stories they tell themselves keep them exactly where they are as a result. Unfulfilled, unhappy, and tirelessly grinding it out.


Read today’s article for the number one reason that holds people back and how to move through it too 🙂


So why is it that most people don’t reach their big dreams?!


1. Well, they start worrying about how they’re going to make them happen and talk themselves right out of going for it!




2. If they have decided to go for it, they let all of the negative self-talk and stories conditioned into their brain from their past stop them from moving forward.


It depends on which stage of the process you’re at.


I tend to see more of the second, as I typically work with people who have already said yes to their entrepreneurial dreams. However, the first does still pop-up when they are still not quite where they want to be and continue to dream of more – a better lifestyle, more support, greater ease – and this is typically after grinding it out and then becoming overwhelmed.


So how do we move through this?


Well, with #1. I’ve found the most helpful thought process is to start seeing evidence in your life and what you have already created, of their being something bigger at play. The universe (insert own belief system here as to what that higher power is to you), is always guiding us and has a plan far bigger than we ever could have created for ourselves. Look at how you just “knew” to make that phone call or follow-up with someone on a “hunch”, and it ended up leading to something great. That’s the guidance we all have there for us.


When we can step into that belief system, we can start to let go of “how” we’re going to make things happen and start having “trust” and “faith” in what we cannot see. Until we see the evidence to support it of course. I’ve seen it over-and-over in my own life and those of my clients, that it is now too difficult to deny and has become a belief I know to be true at my core. I’ve seen enough evidence to support it. Do I forget it’s there for me sometimes – yep – it’s a constant wake-up call, and I would even go as far to say it’s an awareness on just how deep we can go with the guidance. Where we can literally get support for all of our thoughts and don’t even have to “think” our way out of anything really. But it involves a consistent state of asking and then being open to receiving.


Which brings me to #2. With this one, I see many people getting stuck in old stories and beliefs from childhood (many aren’t even aware of what thoughts and ideas they have accepted to be true) that keep them stuck in an energy that is not conducive to receiving the guidance.


What you put out you get back – so if you feel unworthy or not good enough deep down – that’s the energy you’re putting our regardless of what you “say” you are wanting. Your subconscious is steering the ship and it comes down to the beliefs and feelings you have stored away in there.


Quick example: You can think; “I would love to be successful”, but deep down if you “feel” successful people are in some way rude or arrogant, you will not want to be successful because it violates your value system. Instead you operate from the feelings you have associated with success instead of what you’re saying you want.


That’s just one example and it shows-up in a myriad of ways – procrastination being another.


Unfortunately these things show-up even more strongly when we run our own business. Because we’re putting ourselves out there in new and unprecedented ways, and this feels threatening to our subconscious mind, which wants us to stay safe. Growing doesn’t feel safe. So it will literally show you every reason in the book to stay small – “I’m too tired”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, etc. and it gets your agreement to stop.


The way to shift this is to start looking deep down at what you believe that’s causing you to be where you are. This can be tough to do alone – it’s hard to see our own blind spots – and this is definitely where I recommend getting some support.


Be willing to go there. It’s hard to look at this crap, but completely worth it.


Then you can start to shine a light on those beliefs, and start reaffirming the belief you want instead over-and-over and add it the emotional feelings of how it will feel to curate what you’re wanting.


For me it was: Your Success is Certain.


And then what that would look like if it was true- how it would feel.


You will then start to make decisions and behave from this line of thinking, thus creating what you have been envisioning.


You strengthen the new belief because now you have evidence of it in your life.


Your subconscious realizes it’s safe to think and behave from this place, and this becomes the new norm.


The two combined together – faith in something bigger than you, and replacing old belief systems no longer serving you – is the winning combination.


Because what you put out always, without fail, comes back 🙂