I had a GREAT time speaking at Kelverdog Coworking (clever name right?!) in LA this week with the fabulous Donnie Knips – LA chapter president of CEO space.


We shared the stage and talked all about the mindset, skill set and strategy of a successful business owner. One was about relationships, and it was by building a relationship with Donnie that led to speaking at this event. Take the time to craft and hone those special relationships in your business. Not only do I like doing business with Donnie, he has also become a good friend 🙂




Today, I want to share with you the number one mistake I see business owners making. We talk a lot about what to do to grow a business, but not a ton on what not to do. Enjoy!


I see this over and over again, and used to do it myself. The number one mistake I see business owners making is doing things they think they “SHOULD” be doing. From business decisions to personal decisions. From who to hire to what to do to grow their businesses, to who should help do the laundry. Seriously.


As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and therefore need to make a lot of decisions. When you operate for a place of “should” you are really coming from a place of fear. Fear of what is going to happen if you don’t do things this way. You’re essentially operating from the ego. The ego wants you to stay stuck. It has you create all kinds of scenarios about why you “should” or “shouldn’t” do something. It will show you excuses on why to not move forward with something that will lead to great success, and also keep you in a place of constant analyzing your options – another way to stay stuck.


It also has a lot to do with low self-worth and letting go of what others think. Being worthy of your desires. When you believe you are worthy of your success you can step into your greatness. You can crate from a place of love. You can trust your instincts. You know you don’t have to do anything that comes from a place of “should” and doesn’t feel right. Yu believe in the power of your greatness. You are connected to a higher power then yourself.


When you let go of what others think, you can say no. No to ideas that aren’t for you. No to the wrong babysitter or social invitation. There was a phrase I learned when I became certified as a coach, “stop should-ing all over yourself”.


You are meant to have an abundant life filled with things you love to do. Don’t settle for less. In any area. Spend some time every day in nature where you can connect with source and give yourself the space to connect with your highest self. You will have clarity around what you really want to do and be able to make the most fabulous decisions! Go for it!