I’m changing the “cash” is in the follow-up to the abundance is in the follow-up!

Inner joy, love and abundance, creates outer abundance…but it does involve taking inspired action!

My book is now in my favourite local book store, Soul Scape! I have been going there for years – I love getting gifts for people there and all things spiritual for myself ❤️

You just feel good in there! And so it’s a true dream come true…to have my books in this amazing place.

But this took both intention and inspired action.

I initially popped by the store and asked how they decide on the books they carry and found out who to contact 🙂

We then started the outreach, and myself along with my PR gal, had been following up for months! I alone sent several emails and did not hear anything.

I was about to give up but thought, I’m going to ask the next time I’m in there. I was told the owner is super busy and to keep trying.

And so I did. I sent more emails…

I was about to give up again but thought, I’m going to bring the owner a copy of the book so that she can get a feel for it and so I dropped one off.

I continued to send more emails to make sure she had received it.

After two more emails, I got a response!

And it was a yes 🎉

She would start with three copies!!!

I’ll take it and this was so exciting!

We have to be persistent in co-creating our dreams while staying open to the divine guidance.

The intention was set and I was envisioning my book there 💜

I started following the Guidance I was getting, like popping by the store. You will notice I almost gave up several times, but kept having more ideas. Thank-you intention (that’s the free will part) and thank-you Guidance (that’s the co-creation part). Thank-you to myself for not giving up (that’s the self-worth part along with the universal law of polarity).

I wanted to break this down because a lot of people miss the steps when they’re trying to manifest something and discount what is showing-up. It’s in the small steps, the quiet voice of the divine guidance that we must pay attention to. Because the next steps are always there, and we just need to see them and take that inspired action to bring them to fruition.

And what’s interesting is my PR gal NEVER heard back. This dream was up to me 💫

What’s also cool, is I almost dropped the books off the day I got the email, but decided to wait until the next day. I was going to go in the morning, but decided to wait until later on when I wasn’t as rushed. Low and behold the owner was THERE, who I’ve never met! It was awesome to meet her in-person to say thank-you and then she placed the books on the stand right away 💙 It was all so exciting and divinely led.

What are you wanting to manifest in your business & life right now? What are your next steps?

And I just love hearing that you are enjoying the book! This is why I created it, to get this info. out to more people and to make the subconscious exercises accessible 💛

“I have read hundreds of personal development books over the last 30 years, and yours is in my top 3!” Brenda G., Chiropractor

Wow! Thank-you Brenda!

AND a BIG Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians 🇨🇦