I went to a networking event last night and meant to work on this article when I got back, BUT something else happened instead…I took some much needed “relax” time! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been taking much time for myself. So last night when I got home I curled up in my jammies, ate dinner in bed while watching Rachel Zoe (I know, guilty pleasure).

Writing the article completely escaped my mind. BUT I am feeling so much more relaxed and energized because I did take that break for myself. Again I’m reminded that it’s not only OKAY to take a break, it’s imperative for your over all success. I’m definitely not saying you should miss deadlines, but scheduling in time for yourself and making it a priority is a must. That way you won’t have to miss deadlines because you feel burned out, AND you can feel energized continuously.

This is a picture I took while whale watching last weekend! We saw lots of Blue Whales (80 ft long!) and tons of dolphins. It was truly amazing and the best birthday present ever 🙂 It’s a reminder, and goes with today’s theme, that we need to take time to relax, rejuvenate and PLAY! These dolphins came so close to the boat that for a minute I was scared for them. I realized later that it’s just what they do. They swim along side the boats playing in the wake 🙂

This week’s article is all about how to take care of yourself and why it’s important for your over all success 🙂 Read on to get the scoop.

When you take care of yourself you have more energy to do what you want in ALL areas of your life, including your work. And your decision making abilities strengthen as a result.

Some examples of self-care are meditation, walks, yoga, hot baths, etc. You can probably see a common theme in those examples. RELAXATION. Basically self-care comes down to doing things that are relaxing, and that by doing them you feel less stressed, more relaxed and happy. They are activities that are just for you, and by adding them to your weekly routine become a part of your being. The type of activity is going to be different for everyone, BUT the results are the same. By taking this time for you, you have an enhanced life that is joyful and peaceful. Of course you are still going to have your up’s AND down’s, but by taking this time for yourself the “down’s” will occur less frequently and won’t seem as bad as they did in the first place. It’s all about having that “glass half-full” mentality versus “glass half-empty”. When you are happy and relaxed, everything in your life will seem better (and it will be).

Another great perk that comes with taking care of you, is that your decision making will change. If you are happy and less stressed, your decisions will be made from a different place. You will be more confident and make choices that are in line with your dreams and what you want to achieve.

This probably seems hard to believe, especially if you aren’t doing very much (or anything at all), for yourself. Believe me, I used to be standing where you are now not too long ago. BUT once I started to pay attention to myself, everything in my life shifted (for the better). It is now to the point (which you read a little bit about last week), that I now notice how “off” I am if I let my self-care slide. I’m really and truly starting to “get” just how important this really is.

Life can be so wonderful when we just pay attention to our own needs first. Please know that everyone else in your life will benefit from this too – from family to work relationships. Your happy energy will be contagious!

I urge you to try one thing this week just for you. What can you make time for this week? Pay attention to how you feel afterwards. A half-hour of relaxation can go a long way…