It dawned on me that I should merge entrepreneurial endeavors and let you know about our property rentals 🙂

As some of you know this is my second love! Real estate investing!

My husband and I had this vision years ago…before kids and while we still lived in Canada…to have properties around the world we could both use and rent out 🙂

Well this was before airbnb and vrbo, and at the time we were like “what do you do if something breaks?!” As my husband jokingly said, “I do not want to be a Mr. Farley!” Insert Three’s Company reference 🤣

And so we kind of forgot about it…until about 10 years ago…we revisited it and entered the property management world.

We started with some lower income housing rentals, and then traded them in later for places we wanted to spend more time in.

And so we have added Lake Tahoe (Incline Village), Costa Rica (Playa Avellanas near Tamarindo), and California (San Diego).

👆Just click on them above if you would like to check them out 😍

This has been a true labour of love and what stretches me wayyy beyond my comfort level and tests my faith in the universe!

And I just love this way of co-creating!

And I would love to share these with my coaching & speaking community too.

If you have any interested, just reply back here, so that we can save you the booking fees ❤️

And…I also wanted to let you know moving forward, I will be doing more inside of my Facebook Community, “Self-care for Success”.

I posted yesterday about something I had read…

The ego does not give out of abundance. It’s always trying to get.

This is such a great reminder…when we give without trying to get the most amazing life is co-created

And I can hear you thinking…ya but what if I’m struggling? What I’ve learned is we have to be able to receive the love + abundance as much as we can give it…love is whole

But if you focus on giving first (without trying to get, so a legitimate give), watch the magic that unfolds. Because giving feels good! It’s an instant receive and elevates our vibe 🌈

There is more on this over there plus a photo of a beautiful statue I came across while speaking and a gal name Rose, who just filled me up with goodness 🩷