When we set-up systems in our life we are giving ourselves permission to have a more peaceful and loving way of be-ing.

We are practicing self-love and saying we are worthy of peace 💛

On a vibrational level, we are putting out an energy that we deserve to receiving more love, peace and abundance 🙌

So with that, I am creating a 4-part newsletter series on systems over the four Saturdays in December.

To help you get ON TRACK for 2022!

❤️ Let’s enter 2022 feeling lighter and open to receiving all the goodness there waiting for you ❤️

A cluttered mind and chaotic space pushes away the success-with-more-ease that you’re craving.

So Part 1 for this week is…


It is hard to fathom adding in systems amidst the chaos.

Here is what a nice free and clear space looks like – at least for me anyway! – you get to create your own 💙

So this week, take a day or an afternoon, and allow your self to clean up your space.


Here are some ideas;

🔵 Handle all outstanding paperwork – around the house (junk drawer included) & in your office

🔵 Schedule all lingering appointments, i.e. anything kid related, personal, home / car, etc.

🔵 Tackle the to do’s that keep getting carried over to the next day on your calendar or to do list – let’s keep these to non-related business to do’s for now, business will get handled over the next few weeks I promise!

👉👉👉 THEN once you are done, add a recurring time block in your calendar to handle these types of tasks weekly. We are going to develop systems for all areas of your life & business – bills and bank accounts are next week! – but it’s important to allow yourself the time to handle these things moving forward now that you’ve got them cleaned-up.

“See” you next week and have a great weekend!

~ Chris xox

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