Helllooo! You made it! We are on our final part of “systems are spiritual” series 💃🏻

If you missed Part 1, 2, or 3, just look for our emails the last 3 Saturdays.

My hope for you is that you are feeling lighter and more organized, as you close out 2021.

Being lighter means you are operating from a more empowered place, and only goodness can come out of that!

Today we are focusing on business systems 💪

Ahhh… this is such a big one.

If we don’t have a plan, it’s going to be REALLY hard to make those big dreams and goals happen!

So here are my recommendations for planning your year ahead and creating an empowered calendar.

  • The 80/20 rule – 80% of your clients likely come from 20% of your efforts. Get clear on this 20%, i.e. referrals, speaking, etc.
  • Decide which marketing strategies you will focus on to expand this 20%, i.e. if speaking is one, then you can do in-person talks, webinars, podcasts (be a guest or start your own), videos, etc.
  • Assign dates to your calendar on when you will do this it, i.e. a quarterly webinar series, weekly videos, etc.
  • Create a list of all to do’s for each task, and schedule them each in your calendar – or chunks of recurring time to work on them, i.e. project time with then a running list of your tasks.
  • Add in time for sales conversations and follow-up – whether by phone or virtually – follow-up is KEY!!
  • Create specific systems where needed, i.e. follow-up after a speaking engagement
  • Decide on client fulfillment days and hours – you get to decide!
  • Decide on how you will stay in-touch with both clients and your overall community, i.e. social media, blog posts, etc.
  • Bulk out tasks, i.e. newsletter writing, content planning for social (even that can be broken down into caption writing & video filming)
  • Add in time for all admin tasks that you’re handling (get help where you can)
  • Add in time to review your numbers, i.e. opt-in rates, newsletter opens, google analytics, etc. – what you focus on grows!
  • Last but not least – SELF-CARE!!!! It was part of personal systems last week, but it is a part of your business too and should be treated that way! A more calm, grounded, resourceful you creates EMPOWERED RESULTS!!!!!!

👉👉👉 Just like last week for personal systems…. consider using a digital calendar if you’re not already for all recurring tasks so that you can free up more of your time 🙌

And for those of you celebrating Christmas tomorrow… wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

And to each and every one of you, wishing you much joy & love this holiday season ❤️

We are going out for a special dinner tonight with my parents who are in town from Canada. Every year we go out for a nice dinner on Christmas Eve, and we are definitely making up for last year with having to be apart!

Much Love,

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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