I hope you’re enjoying our “systems are spiritual” series!

If you missed parts 1 & 2, just go back to our emails from the last two Saturdays 🙂 They are filled with action steps to help you get cleaned-up and set-up for an abundant 2022!

When we set-up systems in our lives, we send a powerful message to the universe that allows us to receive and say we’re worthy of receiving more love & abundance 🙌

Part 3 this week is personal systems 💛

Having systems in our personal lives allow us to have a plan for what needs to get done each week. They help us get organized, which creates a more peaceful environment and energy.

They also allow us to know exactly where we’re at each week and to then have the space to put out energy toward other ideas & activities.

So this week, think about the following where you can create a systems, here are some ideas:

☃️ Meal planning – when?
☃️ Meal prep & groceries – when? (and I highly recommend ordering groceries and / or using food deliver services)
☃️ Laundry (get help if you can)
☃️ Snow shoveling / lawn care, etc.
☃️ House cleaning (I recommend hiring a housekeeper too & if you do already, create a system around paying them!)
☃️ Reviewing kid (family / personal) emails / school papers, etc.
☃️ Arranging carpools for kid activities / school pick-up & drop-off – and then how to stay on top of it if it changes each week
☃️ Down time / self-care time / exercise time / bed time (schedule it all so you ensure it happens!)
☃️ Take a peak at any monthly and quarterly systems too – i.e. cleaning out the garage, birthdays, checking investments, etc.

❄️ Once you’ve decided on your systems for everything – enter them all in your google calendar (in fun colours of course) for each task, and make them recurring each week, including a time of week to review your schedule for the upcoming week – we will add business tasks to this next week!

❄️ I forgot to tell you last week to add in a time in your schedule to review household matters too. You now have your banking systematized, but mail and paperwork still needs to be dealt with, so allot a recurring time each week AND during business hours is okay!

❤️ Stay flexible! During your “schedule” time, look at what else you have coming up, and move things around in your digital calendar accordingly!

👉👉👉 Still using a paper calendar? No problem! But if you’re writing the same things down every week, i.e. self-care time every morning, laundry on Thursday nights, etc., then you may want to consider a digital calendar so that you can free up more of your time. Be worthy of receiving more time! Take the parts you love about the handwriting and still incorporate them into your day (maybe a gratitude journal?), and surrender the recurring items – this will be especially useful for next week when we systematize business tasks.

Happy Systematizing!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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