The work / life balance juggle is REAL! This week was the last week of school for my sixth and third graders 🙂 Graduation from grade 6 meant many extras along with daily all-star baseball practices for Jude. BUT as business owners we make it happen no matter what right? We get it done, that’s what we do. Here’s a glimpse into the real life juggle 🙂



Sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s neat, and as I like to say – as long as the pool doesn’t go green – meaning not any one area of life falls completely off track – then we’re good. Success isn’t always convenient but as long as we keep moving forward, honour our values (in ALL areas of life), then we can feel proud of how we’re doing things xo


Read on to learn how to move through the stories that are holding you back.


Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all of you amazing Dad’s!


I want you to take a hard look at the story you’re telling yourself that is keeping you from advancing to receiving abundance in all areas of your life, and truly living your ideal lifestyle.


Here are some examples.


Ya but….


I don’t have the time.


I don’t have the money.


I don’t know how.


My inner guidance told me it isn’t the right time.


And so on…


These stories seem real, but they are exactly that. Stories. Reasons to keep yourself stuck and right where you are. And ohhhh….isn’t the subconscious mind sneaky…it will give you all of the evidence to support these reasons. ALL of them. You will buy into it and then stay exactly where you are.


Think of a time when you’ve really wanted something. That was really important to you. You find a way to make it happen right? No matter what.


Think of all of the inspiring success stories about people who came from “nothing” and made something great of themselves.


They really didn’t have the money. Even worse, they had no one believing in them most of the time.


BUT they still did it. They went for it. They persevered at all odds, especially with those “odds” being against them.


It’s because they made the DECISION to go for it first.


DECISION always, always comes first. The universe cannot provide you with the way unless you decide to do it first. THEN and only THEN does everything start lining up. You have to keep going for it though, and continuing to say yes to the opportunities that present themselves.


This is where success isn’t always convenient. What you’re asked to next, or shown to do more like it, may not always be comfortable. It’s usually not.


It’s because your PARADIGM is being asked to shift. You are going to be asked to get out of your comfort zone. To step into a new way of doing things. Into a NEW belief system. That is freakin’ tough. I’m not going to lie. This is where the real work lies. Letting go of old thoughts and beliefs no longer serving you. Letting go of the stories keeping you stuck, which you think are safe, but really aren’t. Growing isn’t safe. Stepping out isn’t comfortable. Saying yes when you have no idea “how” in the world you’re going to make something happen doesn’t feel safe. It means showing-up differently in your life and relationships. This is hard. All of those things seem safe, but the reality is they keep us playing small.


It’s like saying you want to live in a new house by the ocean. But not then being willing to do what you need to do to get there. Up leveling like that involves a new way of thinking. You can’t bring your old thoughts into a new equation and expect to get a different solution. It just doesn’t work that way.


So I ask you today, what is the new and empowered belief you must adopt in order to create the life you’re really wanting? What is the new story you want to tell yourself?


Here are some ideas.


Success comes easy.


The universe has my back and is always showing me the next steps.


I am worthy of love and success.


My success is certain.


Make the decision to go for it, and start reprogramming your subconscious mind by repeating this new belief over, and over again. You will START to see through the lens of THIS new belief instead, and just watch your life shift like magic! All of a sudden you will stop being a victim to your circumstances, and stat creating the circumstances you need to support your goals and dreams.


You can do it. It’s time to write a new story. I believe in you.