I had this realization this week…that when you step on the scale it’s THE SAME as monitoring your finances!


I am recommitting (again) to the keto diet (it’s seriously the only thing that doesn’t make me bloat up like a ballon 🎈) and the scale (and food tracking app) is the only thing that holds me accountable.

I appreciate we can also get a little too obsessed with these types of things, so it can be a fine line, but for me it’s what helps me stay ON TRACK!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked myself out of my weekly weigh in, thinking I’m feeling great and don’t need to, only to later find myself completely off track, feeling gross, and having to start all over again… argh…


How many times do you not “look” at your numbers, thinking you know where you are, that you’ve got this, only to finally check-in and see that you soooo don’t got this?

If we turn a blind eye to what’s important to us, we will fall off track.

Having a finance meeting with yourself (and partner if applicable), is what helps you stay on track, know where you’re at, and assess where you need to be.


What we track grows.

It helps us stay focused, accountable and GAINING momentum 💪

The same goes with any of our other goals, for me eating well. The scale is just one measurement to let me know I’m on track…

Because heavens-to-betsy, I can I talk myself into believing I’m on track when I’m not…

So check in, what systems do you need to have in place to stay on top of your finances and other areas of your life too?

Schedule in some time to actually implement these systems, because we all know ALL too well what happens when we say we’ll do it later… a similar outcome to what I mentioned above 😳

Happy systems and pace-of-mind Saturday!

~ Chris xox

P.S. Watch for something special coming your way soon in honour of TWO BIG anniversaries 💫