This is a picture of a yellow rose that is just starting to bloom in our front garden 🙂 This time of year is so beautiful in Southern California. I didn’t think I would notice a season change with the flowers being in bloom and the grass staying green all winter long, but even more flowers are coming to life in the springtime! The air here literally smells like fresh flowers! So delicious 🙂

Thinking about flowers coming into bloom made me think about something else that relates to people. Spring is the perfect time for new possibilities in all areas of your life to come to fruition 🙂

By clearing out the cobwebs in your life, you will make room for new things to happen. If you’re too consumed with things that you are “tolerating” or “putting up” with, then you won’t have room for anything new and exciting to happen. Every time you think about something you are tolerating, say having to get your car fixed, you are taking away time and energy that could be put towards other positive things. If you are too bogged down with these types of things, then you won’t have the space for new ideas, projects, relationships, etc. to flow into your life. If you clear out all of that clutter, you will have the time, energy and creative space for new things to happen 🙂

This applies to all areas of your life. Let’s break it down into 4 major areas.

1.     Finances. What are you tolerating in this area? Could it be that you’re in debt? Making a plan to pay down your debts and actively doing it will help. Maybe it’s something you’re not doing, like saving money or having a budget in pace.

2.     Relationships. Is there a negative relationship or “toxic” person you are putting up with? Is there someone that drains your energy when you’re around them? Maybe you need to have that difficult conversation with them, or limit how much you’re around them.

3.     Physical environment. Is your house a mess and in need of re-organizing? Is your office so cluttered that you avoid working in it? What can you start cleaning-up and taking care of today?

4.     Work. Do you love what you do? Does your job drain your energy? Or maybe the hours you work or your commute time is not ideal. Take a hard look at this area and look at what you can change.

You can probably start to see how much lighter you will fee once you take care of these things. Be patient because it may take you awhile. Just think about how much better you will feel in the long run. Keep in mind this is a constant work in progress. As we get busy with life other things build up. When you start to feel overwhelmed, it’s usually because you have too many things going on that you’re trying to deal with. Take some time to clear the decks when you feel like that. Making it a regular practice will also help you be pro-active and avoid a storm 🙂