Well several magical things really… I just love that flowing, power of the universe, that’s always there to support us 💫

I was interviewed on a podcast this week and the FLOW and synchronicities were INSANE! I can’t wait to share more on that SOON!

Back to last week…

I came home to these flowers sitting on my porch last Friday, the day before our anniversary…

We had peonies on every table at our wedding and they are my absolute favourite!

I was introduced to them by my mother-in-law, they were also her favourite 🌸

She passed away a few months ago and my family gave us two peony bushes to plant in honour of her 💓

So what’s crazy is a few weeks before that Friday, I heard that Trader Joe’s (a small grocery shop) had the most beautiful peonies, and while I was out for my workout that morning, I thought to myself that I would go and get some on my way home as our anniversary was the next day 🙂

BUT I completely forgot and went about my day… only to walk outside of the house later to see two bunches on our front porch!! In the EXACT same colour I was envisioning!

I thought for sure one of our parents or a relative from Canada sent them, but they weren’t delivered!

Who locally could have known this or was it just a coincidence?!

But there are no coincidences… I think they were divinely orchestrated by Jay’s Mom 💕💕💕

And this is the magic that is available to us each and every day… we just need to remember who we really are, that we’re much bigger than ourselves, and that the most magical and limitless things are possible!!!

Happy weekend & creating your hearts desires!

~ Chris xox

P.S. For a deeper dive into this topic and all things A Course in Miracles, our latest episode: Love & Peonies is up!