And yes I’m talking to myself too!

There is so much goodness in the slow…

It puts us in a state of receiving.

Which many of us women have a hard time with…

Receiving to me means accepting what the universe has to offer us…

Those next steps to our big dreams and goals, how to have more meaningful relationships, and most importantly strengthening our intuition.

When we take time to slow the heck down, we can receive this divine guidance that is there for all of us πŸ’›

We see those next steps and in essence become more resourceful.

Not to mention being a happier, more calm version of ourselves.

And everyone in our lives benefits from this version of ourselves… moms am I right?!

​In our podcast this week, we talk about the importance of slowing down in a world that seems to reward the fast and the furious.

Tune into to take stock of whether or not you’re giving yourself the quiet you need to maintain a miracle-ready life πŸ’«

Have an amazing weekend! We are doing something “crazy” this weekend, which I’ll share more about next week!

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox