Here is a picture of Jason and I relaxing in Ojai last weekend. We had an amazing time relaxing, hiking, playing tennis and even sitting by the pool! We even saw the most magnificent rainbow ever! Ojai is truly a special place 🙂

This week I finished up the workshop series I’ve been doing over at Pitzer College here in Claremont. I have to say the students there are super amazing! They are already doing great things with their lives and left me feeling inspired. I feel honoured having had the chance to teach and learn from them. The topics I taught this week are particularly special to me – limiting beliefs and the law of attraction. I am fascinated how it can be as simple as a shift in perspective to make our whole world either fall upside down or be the missing piece to following our dreams. Read on to learn how you can shift your perspective and attract more of what you do want into your life.
“Shift Your Perspective & Change Your Life!”

For a change in perspective, start off by asking for it. When I was trying to make my big dream of moving to another country come true, I found myself using this a lot. There seemed to be a lot of limiting beliefs holding me back. I felt very guilty for moving away from our families and I had a lot of personal work to do before I could make the move and feel okay about it. Part of it had to do with learning how to say no, and set boundaries with family and friends. I used to ask the universe for a shift in perspective constantly. Guess what? It always worked! It would usually happen after getting a good night sleep. I would wake up feeling refreshed and with a clear outlook on whatever situation had been causing me grief. Sometimes it would take coming a across a book, quote or even a conversation with someone else to help me make the shift. Whatever the way, it always worked.

Set the intention for what you want. Setting the intention for what you want is the key to your success. By success, I mean having happiness in all areas of your life. When you set the intention to achieve something, you put energy towards making it happen. From there, you will start building the momentum necessary to making whatever it is a reality. You can set a positive intention for anything. For example, I like to start off my day feeling thankful for what I am and have in my life. First of all, feeling thankful just feels good and second, it helps you attract more of what feels good to you, i.e. more good things! I like to walk our dog first thing in the morning, and I always set the intention of feeling thankful by the end of our walk. Low and behold, I always end up thinking about what I’m grateful for right before I return home. This helps me start off my day from a positive place.

You can also set the intention for things like having a positive conversation before jumping on the phone, having at least one meaningful chat at a networking event and being creative before sitting down to work. You will then attract to yourself what you need to make that intention come true. You will think of a great idea, or manifest a situation or experience that will bring you just what you want. It will always work if you believe it will. I have recently decided I would like to speak more as part of my business. It has been flowing ever since I made the decision. Just earlier this week I was getting my nails done. The owner of the salon introduced me to another customer who just happens to work at one of the local universities. We started chatting and ended up exchanging cards! She just happens to have a meeting next week where they will be planning their speaking agenda for next fall and asked to see my bio before then. It’s truly amazing what can happen once you decide what you want and set the intention to make it happen. Let go and let it flow, as I like to say!