My husband and I were having coffee the other morning, and we were talking about how hard of a time people have with change.

He sputtered out this one during our convo:

Tolerating mediocrity is easier than making change.

It’s such goodness that he’s been using it all week with his own teams at work.

It all goes back to being willing to be uncomfortable.

Change is hard because it means letting go of something that makes us comfortable.

But our growth lies on the other side.

Most people will avoid this work like the plague.

Letting go of thoughts no longer serving us that will take us to our next level is tough.

We’ve gotten comfortable. We’ve also built a whole life (including our professions) around this way of operating.

For example, needing to set boundaries with someone personally or professionally is uncomfortable.

But it is likely what is needed in order for you to take a stand for your time and energy, and what will make you a stronger thought leader.

It means letting go of people pleasing and being okay with disappointing others.

That is the uncomfortable part.

It’s like setting a boundary with our kids. Teenagers love to push our buttons, but we have to stick to the limits we outline in order to create high functioning adults, as least that’s the hope 

But they come in swinging and rebelling against our rules.

We are no different.

So take a look at what it is for you.

What change are you avoiding?

Take a small step toward this change, and watch how even the smallest step creates a powerful momentum. It’s liberating to become empowered.

Have a beautiful weekend,

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

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