What the heck is M.Y.O.B?!

It’s legit a thing.

Ha, ha, not biscuits, but MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS 😳

How often to we get caught-up in she or he did this, and they should have done that, or giving advice when we haven’t been asked?

I see this a lot in the entrepreneurial world – doling out advice disguised as wanting to “help” people…

… but if someone hasn’t asked for our help, we really shouldn’t be giving it.

I remember once I had gained a few pounds, and someone pounced on this and asked if I wanted to take the supplements they were selling.

This person was even a client! Awkward!

But… it was a great opportunity to set boundaries!

And the thing is… I didn’t ask for their help. If you’re in-touch with people on social media and through your data base, they know what you do.

AND rest assured they will express interest in your services and products if they are in fact interested. Whether that’s by commenting on a post, attending your talk, etc.

Because if someone reaches out in the other way, like my client did, it feels icky, and it honestly doesn’t really matter what you’re selling at that point and if it can actually help.

It’s a turn-off.

But we’ve all been there to some degree, whether it be in business, with friends, or family, and we just need to remember to stay in our lane.

And something magical happens… it’s liberating to not care as much about other people’s business… we don’t need to be the master-of-all, fixer of everything for everyone.

We feel lighter, and others feel lighter around us.

We attract and create great things from this place instead.

And really what we’ve done is step out of lack (trying to get something out of it), and into love (allowing others to be responsible for their own selves and make empowered decisions).

Those empowered decisions create empowered results.

Happy letting go this weekend! And tune into our latest podcast on all things A Course in Miracles, where we discuss the benefits of becoming less attached through the art of minding your own business.

M.Y.O.B., ya you know me! Remember that song?! 🎵🤣

~ Love your Coach, Chris xox