Hi, it can be HARD to set boundaries with clients, especially with wanting to GIVE so much and HELP them!

But… what are the consequences of not so great boundaries? And how can you tell if you need better ones 🤔

This is what I’ve come to learn over the years:

If you feel…

🔵 resentful… you’re giving extra time and energy outside of the agreement.

🔵 resentful… you’ve bartered on your rates or are giving your services for free, and your client isn’t valuing your services.

🔵 resentful… you want your clients success more than they want it for themselves.

🔵 resentful… the extra support you’ve promised your clients, i.e. text, voice messaging, is now cutting into your family time.

🔵 resentful… you’re getting texts at all hours of the night.

Ahhh… deep breathes… we’ve all been there in some way, shape, or form.

When we start to get angry or resentful that other people are encroaching on our space, it’s actually not really THEM that is the problem.

It’s ALWAYS an opportunity for us to implement boundaries and TEACH people how we want to be treated.

It’s up to us.

The thing is though, we’re usually scared deep down.

👉 What if they leave? How will I make a living? I’m counting on that income.

But something amazing starts to happen when we start setting boundaries and seeing our own value.

Others do too.

And not only that, you start to attract a different level of person.

One who respects you and values you.

Because you value your yourself ❤️

Does it mean we don’t have give extra?


But it does shift to making a conscious decision and coming from a place of love and helpfulness that feels good…

As opposed to coming from obligation and fear.

So choose one area that needs a little TLC that would have a big impact for you, and start THERE.

What boundary do you need to set?

And if you’re having trouble with this, reach out!

We’re here to support.

Have a great, empowered weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. Come say hi on “the gram”!👇 I would love to hear from you! 💛