We had an exciting week with my son’s high school baseball team winning the open division for San Diego! They got to play at the beautiful baseball field at USD (University of Southern California), and it was such a special experience for the boys and a memory they will have forever ❤️

As we wind down high school with a busier than ever schedule (one of those you don’t get until you live it!), I’m always reminded of the value of self-care. And when extra is called for too 🙂

We get into these amazing routines that support us; like doing a morning mediation or a walk in nature, and it fills us up so much, but we can get off track quickly mentally & emotionally if our routine slides.

I realized the other day that my walks were missing! Like poof gone. If you’ve gotten to know me you know my walks in nature are everything! They are my saving grace and my boardroom for business soulutions 💛

But we have two dogs and one of them just got neutered and so he was out for a couple of weeks. Well I tried taking our other dog for a walk on her own, but he howled the entire time we were gone 😳 My daughter called to tell me and I couldn’t believe the noise coming out of him! We got him second and he truly cannot live without our oldest dog. It’s so sweet.

And so the walks went out the window.

And I didn’t realize just how much of an impact they have on my mental health, especially during an extra busy time.

What’s funny is I could have been down at the beach enjoying some time to myself those two weeks sans dogs, but I didn’t even think of it amidst all of the hustle and bustle right now. How funny because it would have helped immensely!

But I’m a work in progress too and all we can do is check-in, see how we’re feeling, and if we feel off or stressed or overwhelmed, just take the opportunity to course correct.

What do I need right now?

That sentence is bolded and enlarged so it gets our attention! Ask yourself right now!

I’m back at it with walks and they are making all of the difference again.

I’m feeling grounded, clear and connected…ahhh…💛

I’m seeing with love, compassion and grace, and it’s impacting how I show-up and how I interact with others, which is probably the biggest gift 🎁

I had the pleasure of being on the Fueling Earth podcast, where I talk about the connection of manifesting results with self-care. I loved my time so much with these ladies, and we ended up having the best conversation around the subconscious mind and how it keeps us from taking care of ourselves fully, which in-turn directly impacts our business results.

You can listen in on spotify here and get ready for some sweet, vulnerable shares that I think you’ll relate to 💜