I did a reading for a client a few months ago and one of her questions was about whether or not to buy a home she was interested in. I tuned in and shared with her what I saw.

I saw her in a one story home with white siding, that was run down and needed work. I saw her in the cozy living room. I saw her in nature and it felt like almost a hippie sort of vibe.

Well, the house she ended up buying was exactly this! This was after losing out on another home that didn’t feel quite right. I got to see her home this week and it was the most incredible feeling to be standing in exactly what I had seen.

What was really cool is that she shared that the reading helped her to stay on course and not lose faith. It’s a project for sure, but the sense of peace it brings her when she’s there is worth it. She is surrounded in nature overlooking a lake with a big wrap around deck. It is beautiful. And low and behold, she’s off the beaten path in a more “hippyish” type of community!

And I felt like I was going to cry at being able to play a small part in this creation.

And to me this is our intuition and we all have it. Trust it. She knew already this was the home and just needed that little bit of validation from someone not involved. We all do sometimes. I went through something recently where I started to judge my own. We all second guess, but if we can keep working on strengthening it, we see we have a power inside of us like no other. That knows exactly how to help us create love, joy & abundance ❤️