Saturdays are a great time to slow down

With taking a little extra time to ease into the day without the weekly agenda hovering overhead.

I do still love to do my my morning routine though ❤️

For awhile there I would take the weekends off, but then I realized I missed it and I would also start to feel off!

But I do like to shake it up. Like for awhile there I was doing these mediations from a psychic course I was taking and it was so much fun!

What do you like to do for your self care routine?

In our latest podcast episode, Amy and I share our own self-care routines in detail and it was so cool to see the differences!

At the end of the day, it’s not about rituals, or doing things in the right or wrong way, it’s about allowing yourself to do what makes you feel good. It’s about starting your day on an empowered note 💙

Allowing is really the key word. When we allow ourselves to do what brings us joy, peace, and calm, we are telling the universe we are worthy of receiving joy, peace, and calm.

We become an attraction magnet of this energy, and see more and more opportunities to co-create more love, peace, and calm in our lives + businesses.

We have to be able to receive.

I have been confronted with this beauty again as my book is being introduced to the world! It’s like birthing a baby lol!

I have been receiving a lot of love & compliments, and it’s been a little uncomfortable to be honest.

Even after all these years of working on stuff, it still pops up.

So what do I do?

see it for what it is….”ohhhh you’re having trouble receiving again. It’s okay to receive love. Smile and say thank-you.”

Then I work on my own self through my self-care routine, by strengthening the belief of who I really am (love), and getting grounded. I share it step-by-step in the pod 🙂

And this isn’t about just the mornings, this energy and way of be-ing carries throughout my day and gets strengthened along the way with every single decision I make.

It’s about making empowered decisions.

So what can you do for just you today and this upcoming week?

Let’s allow ourselves to receive so we have more to give ❤️

And I am so excited to have received my first book order through a speaking engagement I’ll be giving next month for a group of women in the corporate space!

To hear that people are interested in the book and that the talk is on “Self-care for Success” truly fills me up more then I ever could have imagined 💕

Keep going with all of those ideas and brainstorms you’ve had too…when they come to fruition it’s magical! AND most of mine have come through the power of self-care 😳