Jude’s team got smoked by the Jr. King’s (as in the LA Kings), at his tournament the other day. I wouldn’t expert anything less from a team with those resources to be honest, BUT it did get me thinking. All of the kids are the same age, 7-9 years old. They all have the same potential and capabilities for the most part. Sure, some have natural skills and do stand out a little. But for the most part they all have the same potential / opportunity to learn. So why was it the Jr. Kings team was so good? And when I say smoked – I’m talking about 25-0.  This is not typical for hockey.


Well, I think it comes down to a few things. First, the coaching. A lot of the coaches in the Jr. Kings league are previous pro-players and their kids play on the team. So they know what drills and skill sets to teach the kids for maximum performance. Second, the amount of practice. I am willing to bet the kids on the Jr. Kings are practicing at least three times a week, possibly more. Where our team was practicing once a week. It’s not a criticism to our coaches at all. To be quite honest, we made the decision to put Jude in this league on purpose so that he and us) wouldn’t be too consumed with hockey.


What’s interesting though is how this pertains to sales in business. Most business owners shudder at the thought of sales. They don’t want to be that “salesy” person and therefore shy away from it. They are in business though, and sales is the lifeline of any business. So reframing how they’re looking at it is very important.


In terms of the hockey example, it just takes practice. One of mentors once said anything worth doing is worth it. To create the business and life you’re wanting, involves time and effort. It is true. With practice, you start to become expert and maybe even approach mastery. With practice in sales, you will start getting the results you want – helping more people and funding your own dreams. Just keep practicing. Keep showing-up. Keep putting yourself out there. You will get better and better, and it will be so worth it in the end. Why? Because you will have created the business and lifestyle of your dreams. And your dreams are worth it.


Oh, and one last thing. Hire a mentor who can help you get focused on exactly what you need to so you too can reach your full potential, and master your inner and outer game.