I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how an entrepreneur’s mindset can make or break their business. It’s really all about maintaining a positive outlook. It’s when we don’t have it that we contemplate giving up and throwing in the towel. Read more about today’s topic below and learn how to stay positive in your business (and life) in order to thrive 🙂

“Reset Your Mood in order to Thrive!”

A shift in perspective can make all of the difference between being successful and not. When you are in a healthy state of mind, meaning you’re feeling positive and have an upbeat outlook towards your business and life in general, you actually THINK and ACT differently. Let’s explore this a little more. When you are in a bad mood, doesn’t everything seem to irritate you and further amplify those negative feelings? You see the world differently when you are in this place. You’re not your usual happy self and to be quite honest, the decisions you make from this state are not the same as they would be when you’re in a good mood. You are also attracting more to you of what you’re putting out there. So it’s no wonder that you are receiving more and more to be negative and angry about.

On the other hand – take a deep breath here and you will notice your energy change – when you are feeling good you will attract more to you that feels good. Since we’re all made of energy, when you think happy thoughts you are actually vibrating at a higher frequency. It’s a proven fact that you will attract more to you that’s operating at the same frequency. That’s why it’s not a coincidence when you are having a bad day that you will attract more to you of the same nature. It’s important here to have a change in perspective. To “flip” it if you will.

I can’t stress enough to you how important staying positive and upbeat is for the success in your business. When you’re in business for yourself, it’s just you. Your business will grow when you are operating from a positive place and are making good decisions. For some strange reason, many of us have been conditioned to focus on the negatives in our lives and not the positives. We tend to put a lot of our energy into thinking about what isn’t happening in our lives. We focus on the negative. As outlined above, this brings us more of what we don’t want. We need to in turn flip our mindset from negative to positive and focus on all of the good things that are happening. This will lead to more of just that.

I caught myself the other day doing exactly that – thinking about all of the things that weren’t happening. Then I thought, hold on a second, lots of great things ARE happening. Why am I focusing on the negative and not the positive? This was during my regular morning walk, so thankfully I had the time time to think more about this and flip my mood 🙂 I started off my walk feeling pretty down. By the end, I was so focused on all of the good things that were happening, that I was in a great mood and motivated to work. I ended up having a super successful day! If I hadn’t done this I would have had an unproductive day, which would have led to feeling badly about myself and not being a very nice mom or wife to be around, to be honest 🙂

Catching yourself when you start to go down that negative path is key. Try to recognize when you start to do this and flip your thoughts instead to all of the wonderful things happening in your life and business. Think about how amazing you are and that the world needs your talents. You need to own it and believe in yourself, because I think you’re pretty darn awesome!