This week I was able to create a lot of space. Space around every single task I was doing and letting go of more and more to do’s that were preventing this space from coming in. The result was less stress, more peace and realizing I’m not utilizing my team enough. I was able to see how much more I can / should be delegating to them and this was such a huge eye opener, because I didn’t see it before. Ahh….amazing how a little space can create such a huge shift in perspective 🙂


Remember the feedback sandwich? This week I witnessed first hand what it feels like to be on the opposite end of receiving feedback without anything positive…when the positive is missing, it just feels a whole lot like criticism.


Read on to learn what the heck a feedback sandwich even is, and how to apply it in business and personal.


Have a beautiful long weekend to my American friends! We will be at my son’s baseball tournament and the beach with friends on Monday. Love life and it will love you right back!


So what is a feedback sandwich??!!


I learned about this in Toastmasters years ago when I was learning more about public speaking. First, as an aside, I just have to say this group I belonged to was so amazing! There were people there from all walks of life – from students, to lawyers, to city officials, to retirees! What I loved, is the minute we stepped into that room we were ALL equals. It didn’t matter what you did or where you were from – although everyone did love my Canadian accent! – we were all there to improve and support one another. This is imperative in a group.


Hence the feedback sandwich.


The idea is that when you are giving people feedback, you start with something positive, then provide the feedback (something that can be improved said in a positive way), and then finish with dialogue with something positive again.


This was huge!!


Everyone felt completely supported AND appreciated the feedback they received as a result.


They were more open to receiving it.


I’m saying this one again – they were more open to receiving it.


Who wants to be criticized and told what to do?




Our kids are smarter and have learned this already. They just won’t put up with negative criticism. They can see right through it. Thank Gawd.


Whenever I slip into this old habit, my kids call me on it instantly.


They deserve better right? So do we, so do our teams and so do our friends and communities.


Let’s be really mindful when we are delivering feedback to people. Because I can tell you first hand it really sucks to have someone constantly harping on you with nothing positive to say. It creates resentment AND resistance. It definitely does not create the change you’re hoping for.


Let’s all practice this together and be better humans. We can do it, I have faith.


Much Love,

Chris xo