It’s been a great week visiting with my parents who were in from Canada! We made the trek to Tahoe last weekend, and it was well worth it! It was chilly but we ended up getting in a round of golf and out on the boat 💙 Nothing beats getting out on the water for me! How about you?

I also found out that my book won an award! How awesome! It won silver in the “motivation” category of the 2023 Living Now Awards. To know it’s resonating and helping fellow biz owners fills my 🩷

Yesterday morning I finished A Course in Miracles for the umpteenth time! Lol. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read it now, but what I do remember is how long it took me to read it to begin with!

It literally took 4-years 😳

The size and wordy language is daunting at first to say the least. The concepts are also overwhelming. But I wanted to stick with it, and I loved the group I was meeting with in a tiny room at the back of a spiritual shop in Oakville, Ontario (Canada). We would discuss the course and try to make sense of it!

Then we moved to California, and I was still trying to get through the text. At one point I switched to the daily lessons and found that easier for awhile.

And then a funny thing called audible came out! I switched to listening to the text instead and that made all of the difference, and I finished it quickly!

And this is how I continue reading it today. One section in the morning as part of my morning routine…

And the reason I continue to keep reading it?

Because it’s the one book that pulls me out of my daily grind, reminding me that we are all a part of something bigger, and this world we see is a projection of our thoughts.

Wowser right?!

It helps me to not take things as seriously, and strengths the belief that we are all powerful creators and meant to manifest joy and love, whatever our heart’s desire

Like anyone, I still get caught-up in what is going on in my own little world, and I still listen to the ego’s thoughts of lack, fear, worry, and doubt.

But the course has enabled me to remember and strengthen the belief that we are more than that.

And knowledge is power.

Power in that we can be, do and have anything.

We are powerful co-creators with spirit and the universe and can use our thoughts to create our reality.

And when we forget and get caught-up in the weeds, it’s okay.

It’s just about remembering this faster until it becomes more of a way of being, and that is what I continue to work on.

And as I revisit the course again for the umpteenth time, but like it’s the first, I remember it’s all about remembering we have an internal guiding system. That is all knowing, connected and full of love for all.

And it’s this connection, intuition, gut instinct, that I am committed to strengthening and for the love of God (literally), TRUSTING!

The more we can trust this within ourselves and follow it, the more miracles we can create.

You can get the book here and I also have a podcast with my good friend who I have been studying the course with for years, where we try to shed some light on the course and what we have learned and continue to over the years.

I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me!