I had a bit of a draining week to be honest. There was a lot going on that required extra energy.

You know when you have stuff on your mind, that causes extra conversations so then you’re up later than usual, and then you wake-up in the middle of the night because it’s weighing on you?!

Yep, that was me this week 🙋🏻‍♀️

Well after a few days of that and the dust settling a little, I ended up having a nice relaxing evening by watching a new show – I love Netflix! Who’s with me?!

It was so relaxing, which led to an amazingly delicious night sleep, and jazz hands (did you see my email the other day?!) I was back 🤗💛

And I was reminded yet again – it’s for sure my life lesson – what happens when we take care of ourselves.

It was the self-care last night that led to feelings of relaxation, calm and even joy! This led to being completely relaxed before going to bed and getting a great night sleep.

And we all know how important sleep is…

I woke-up feeling refreshed and clear. Grounded and calm. Connected and happy.

And energetically what was going on, was that the self-care I did was an act of self-love, and it raised my vibration (frequency). Calm leads to more calm. Love leads to more love. Empowered decisions lead to empowered results.

And this is the state of be-ing we need to operate from to manifest our hearts desires ❤️

I’m doing a 5-day manifesting challenge starting May 1st inside of our facebook group; “Self-care for Success” and you can bet we will be kicking off with some self-care!

Drop me a ❤️ inside the group on the post with this pic 👉 if you’re IN. And not to worry, this isn’t going to require a bunch of extra time, it’s about having the internal shifts needed to create the external results you’re looking for, in your life + biz.

Here’s the link to the group again. And you just need to be a member there to join us for this challenge, which is free to participate in. Let’s do this 👊💛