I am reminded again and again how hard this is.

I have a speaking event coming up on all things “Self-care for Success” and the co-ordinator would like me to spend a lot of the time on saying no. This is for corporate women.

This continues to be a major issue for women, and it doesn’t matter what industry or what age…

And I came across someone the other day who was afraid, and I was really just looking for a yay or nay…more on that in a sec…

Why is it so hard?

We are people pleaser’s by nature.

We want to help, but we’ve also been taught to get love and approval outside of ourselves.

Getting our worth through others and by our accomplishments.


We are afraid to lose that love deep down. And so we stay quiet. We stay in people pleaser mode. And we definitely don’t speak up for what we want.

Until we do.

It might be a little rough around the edges at first – our next podcast episode was inspired by this & more to come on that soon – but it’s also LIBERATING!

It feels good to take a stand, to be worthy enough to speak up for what our own heart desires.

It doesn’t mean to we don’t give or help other people, but we will definitely be a lot happier when we do!

And please know, that the people that are worthy enough to have YOU in their life, are the people who are just looking for an answer…

So please, if I ask you something (or someone else does), and you want to say no, please do. We can say no with love & respect. And I (and hopefully others), will have the same love & respect for you too when you also say no 🙏💙