Ever wonder what’s behind the never ending to do list and the micromanaging of all thing’s household and business??!!

It’s THIS.

The need to be perfect.

I caught myself the other day and it was a doozy.

Read the whole story through so you can see exactly how it shows up, because I know you can relate. I share how I shifted it too. πŸ’ͺ

I was having an interaction with someone, and I realized their need to be perfect was really coming up with how they were communicating and running their program. Thank goodness I could see it for what it was – it’s always powerful when we can take a step back and tune in to “is this my stuff of their stuff”?

But then I found my own self getting triggered and reacting. I kept having to take breaks from communicating back with this person, with forcing myself to sleep on it, allowing time in between to have a shift in perspective and therefore be able to respond instead of reacting back. πŸ™Œ

I handled the situation with love and grace, while standing in my power, but I still couldn’t quite figure out exactly what was going on deep down.

It wasn’t until I did some journaling that I realized it was my own need to be perfect!!!!

Darn it!!

It showed-up in this case as a deep conflict between my own need to follow the rules (aka being perfect, doing something perfectly), while taking a stand for what was actually good for me.

The former being an old, disempowering pattern that still likes to rear its ugly head!

And herein lies the pattern:

πŸŒ€ perfectionism triggered in whatever way shape, or form

πŸŒ€ doubt sets in, and I start questioning my thoughts and what I feel is the truth

πŸŒ€ leads to not feeling good enough, in terms of what I’m doing and the decisions I’m making

πŸŒ€ this outlook of lack extends out to everyone in my environment and my environment itself

πŸŒ€ this looks like no one and nothing measuring up

πŸŒ€ criticism and the need to fix everything under the sun sets in

πŸŒ€ shows-up as piling on the to do list because now I need to fix everything – this time I started feeling anxious about the need to start renovating the house and we just did a renovation!! WTF??!!

πŸŒ€ all of this wrapped-up in a nice package of overwhelm and stress


Thankfully I caught it after a couple of days.

But this is how sneaky the ego is. It was disguised as “someone else’s need to be perfect”. And it would have been if I hadn’t got triggered too.

Our greatest lessons lie in our triggers.

AND it all goes back to beliefs…

The need for perfection is ALL about seeking love and approval outside of ourselves, and therefore not feeling good enough deep down. So, we do, do, do, achieve, achieve, achieve, hoping to get those accolades, but they never really come the way we’re wanting them…

Because we’re looking in the wrong place.

We have to go inward.

So, what did I do to shift it?

Well, having the awareness first of all of what was really going on was key – which has come from a ton of self-exploration and addressing of limiting beliefs πŸ’›

Being able to see it for what it is sooo freeing.

Then reminding myself of how I am actually loved – insert own belief system here. For Me it’s about strengthening the belief that I am a part and connected to something bigger. πŸ’«

And then it’s about going about your business and essentially letting it go.

That is the miracle and holy crap is it empowering!!

WE can absolutely be in control of how we show-up in the world and learning how to let go of thoughts that don’t serve us in the answer.

So, start there, look at those triggers and start to get to the bottom of what’s irking you. And if you want some help, we have an amazing group of coaches to support you.

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. Our podcast this week is all about letting go of those thoughts ❀️

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