Are you going with the Pat’s or Ram’s in the Super bowl tomorrow? I don’t really know a lot about football, but I do love an excuse for a good party!



I also love learning about people who are exceptional at what they do, and how they became that way. Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, has now secured more Super Bowl appearances than every single team in the NFL outside of his own Patriots. WOW!!


When I asked my 12-year-old son why he thinks Tom Brady is so successful, his answer was pretty simple, “Because he has such good vision. He can see the field and knows where everyone is.”


I love this answer and would say it’s pretty accurate, but the human behaviour analyst in me wants to know why 🙂 What really made him so great?? I did some digging and I’m sharing what I came up with in this week’s article – PLUS the take away’s we can all apply from his success.


Have a great weekend and I’m thinking I have to cheer for the Pat’s now right??!!


When I started researching what makes Tom Brady so amazing, I came across a movie called, “The Brady 6”, a sports documentary on You Tube.


Brady was the 4th stringer on his college team and barely made it into the NFL! He was a 6th round pick, number 199 overall, with 6 quarterbacks chosen ahead of him. Hence “The Brady 6”. The film shows us some insight into Brady –  he has been fighting his whole life to play football and appears that it’s this drive to perform and prove himself that has made him so successful. He continues to this day to prove he should be the #1 quarterback on his team, although it’s pretty obvious. I really had no idea. It’s similar to Michael Jordan not making the high school basketball in Grade 9. Success doesn’t happen overnight people, so don’t give up!! Image if either of them had given up on themselves!!


My take away’s from Brady’s story are;


  1. He did not give up. He kept going and used his lackluster results to propel him forward.


So may people give up at the first sight of adversity. Following your dreams is not always going to be easy. It does not mean it’s a sign from the Universe to stop! Imagine if he did that!!! If you are passionate and following your heart, it just means that you have something to learn and overcome. How you approach the lesson is up to you. You can make it harder for yourself by resisting it, or accepting this is what it is and move through it by gaining the tools, awareness, resources, skills, knowledge, etc. to learn it and move forward.


  1. He did not take his foot off the gas once he achieved his dream. Even after he became the best, he still shows up in practice as if he’s not. It’s this drive that continues to enable him to outperform even himself!


So many times business owners hit a goal and then they coast. That usually leads to slipping into old patterns and starting to loose what you’ve created. Tap into that drive that took you there to begin with. Channel that inspiration and persistence. It might require redefining your why. It might be more about others then your own goals once you get to a certain level. How can you now serve others – family, community – in a much bigger and even inspired way? What does this version of you do? How does she show-up as the best version of herself? What change and impact is she capable of? Unstoppable and limitless is my guess! Go for it!! And no it doesn’t mane you need to be a pro-football player, or achieve such athletic status. It is instead about tuning into your own heart and what this means for you and not selling yourself short 🙂


Here is the movie, just click below to check it out.