One mogul at a time.

We just got back from a family ski trip to Mammoth, and as much as I love a cozy vacay in the mountains, I’m much more of a warmer climate kind of gal!

I realized something though when we were away. I had never, in my 30+ years of skiing, gone by myself! I’ve always ridden the chairlift and skied down with friends or family.

And so during this trip, I found myself skiing on my own and LOVED it! It is so peaceful AND there was no one to check in with on when to take a break, what runs to do, and how fast to go. It was a nice reprieve to do whatever I wanted, and in such a peaceful and beautiful surrounding.

And you might be thinking, wow 30+ years, she must be really good!

Nope. I’m mediocre at best. I grew up going to ski lessons with friends in Canada, but even then my friends were way more into it then I was. For me it was something to do and be social (I never wanted to miss out), but it was never my passion like my girlfriends who were setting goals to go heli-skiing when they turned 18
I’ll take the blue squares all day long 💙

But during this last trip I was feeling a little frisky during my time alone, and came across a chair lift that said, “experienced skiers only, no beginner trails”, and I was thought to myself I” can do black diamonds no prob.” And off I went up the rickety two-seater chair lift.

Well the joke was on me, because the only way down was not only a black diamond, but one with MOGULS!

Argh…my nemesis.

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