… and only air!

Just kidding… but this is what it felt like at first when I signed-up for a 6-week “healthy habits” challenge to kick off the new year!

I’m not usually one for extremes, but I was ready for a hard stop and a new shift 💪

And while I’m also not one to push the “health & exercise” component of self-care… as I really do believe it’s much more about shifting our overall state of mind and operating from an empowered place…


There is something to be said about this.

The challenge was intense. No alcohol, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar (not even stevia).

WHILE drinking the water per day we all know we’re supposed to drink but never do 🤣 AND working out 5-days a week filled with the “right” workouts for my age, weight, goals, etc.

And the biggest benefit?

Besides the weight loss and being down two sizes 👊

Was letting go of the tight grip some of these things had over me.

Like drinking a glass of water BEFORE I had my coffee every morning.

Coffee was allowed but was very specific in terms of how many cups and what we had in it.

Brining me to the second one – I used to do a specific coconut creamer with stevia.

Both had to go.

I realized how dependent I was on even that concoction!!

With bringing my stevia with me wherever I went!

So, I replaced it with an uber healthy coconut creamer that was approved – who knew coconut milk could be unhealthy 🤷🏻‍♀️

And added in cinnamon. Oh boy the cinnamon… I went through a whole spice bottle during the challenge! Lol.

And the other big ones for me were alcohol and chips!

Chips have always been my go-to as a treat or crutch depending how you look at it.

Well, I survived without 1 chip!!

And the alcohol, not that it was ever a problem, but interesting how it was such a go to in social settings, or a Friday evening in the hot tub, or date nights.

I survived all of this too!

And what happened?

Not only did I feel completely accomplished, but I had the best sleeps ever.

And more importantly, I let go of the “stories” telling me I needed to do “this or that”.

I broke the habits that had a tight grip over me.

Was it triggering?


Was it worth it?


So, I invite you to take a look at the habits that have a tight grip over you too.

Am I suggesting you need to do what I did or do any kind of extremes?


But choose 1 or 2 that have a hold over you, and make it a goal for the next few weeks to do without or even shake-up the order of doing things, like I did with the coffee.

It could be a health related habit or something else in your life (or business) that has a tight grip over you.

And just watch how this shifts your mind.

And I have to say, the energy I gained with this challenge was off the charts!!

Incase you’re wondering, the health coach I did this with is starting a new challenge in March and it’s all virtual if you want to check it out 🙂 You can visit her facebook page here and connect with her for the details.

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

And let’s connect on social if we’re not already 👇