A mentor once said to me you know what people really value by looking at how they spend their time and their money. I agree.

Money is a whole other topic, but let’s delve into the time piece for a minute.

If you are constantly running late, running from one task to another, doing things you really don’t want to do because you can’t say no, procrastinating, trying to do it all yourself and not to mention not taking any time for yourself – there is one issue and one issue only going on beneath the surface.

When I say beneath the surface, I’m talking about the belief system that is dictating every singe decision you’re making.

The issue at hand is self-worth. Plain and simple. How you value yourself dictates how you make decisions around your time. Think about it – if someone has a healthy self-esteem, they are going to be okay with setting boundaries with others and saying no (with grace of course). They will also value themselves enough to take care of themselves properly and make time for the things they love to do.

They feel worthy and therefore aren’t tying to get someone else’s approval by busying themselves up with a to do list a mile long. I love how Brene Brown explains this – that most of people are brought-up to be valued by their accomplishments and therefore as adults feel their worthiness comes from this, and not who they are inside.

Take a deep look at how you feel about yourself. Do you feel comfortable speaking your truth and showing-up as who you really are? Do you feel confident in your own skin? Can you stand-up for yourself with love and grace? Can you control your emotions and not take things personally? If not, then start doing the deeper work about why you are so great and worthy of whatever it is your heart desires. We are all the same and have equal opportunity to love and create 🙂

Start making a schedule that is reflective of your values, priorities and worthiness.

You are worth living life on your terms.

Lots of Love xo