Ahhh… time… the thing people fear the most… running out of it… not having enough of it… not making the most of it before they die…

Well, what if you could have a shift in perspective around it?

The pressure of time is something that most of us feel every day.

Imagine what it would be like to be freed from that concept?

When you take more time for yourself, you actually shift your perspective around time, and free up more of it?!

It always amazes me what happens after I do something for myself, whether it’s my morning routine, a hard workout, or an extra long walk…

Whatever was on my mind is literally no longer an issue!

Thus creating more space in my mind!

And essentially more time!

What would your life and business be like if you weren’t so attached to time?

Rushing and grinding out, peace and joy IN!!

In our latest podcast episode of One Simple Truth, a study about a group of people living in a cave becomes the springboard for a conversation around the awareness of our relationship with everyday use of time…

And how time can be used to feed or hinder our sense of abundance and peace. 💛✌️

Grab a tea or bring us along for your run, while we discuss all things time, and real life examples on how to shift from fear to love.

Have a great weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. I’m going live on the gram with the fabulous Natalie Scott on Tuesday! A beloved client and I’m also proud to say one of our featured coaches! Nat truly walks-the-talk with living an inspired life. It’s evident in her posts + who she is as a person 💛 Nat will be sharing more on when we’re truly inspired, we authentically show-up as ourselves, which in-turn helps us inspire others and attract more of what we want. Join us for some laughs and tips at 10 am pacific / 1 pm eastern on April 26th.