I went to the Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Beverly Hills this week for a book reading & signing, and it was just a true dream come true having my book there! The best part of it all though was having my 14-year-old daughter there with me ❤️ And she had such creative ideas for photo’s too! Such fun!

But what I realized is the trip took a lot out of me…more so than flying to go and speak somewhere! I think it was a different kind of mental energy being exerted and it really took me out the next day!

And I’m reminded that sometimes we just have those days where we feel low energy. Maybe we didn’t get a great night sleep, or something is weighing on our minds, or we just feel a little down and out and we’re not sure why.

So how do we shift our energy to a more empowered state?

Acknowledging the feeling helps. If it’s something bigger going on then we likely know why we feel off, but sometimes it can be hard to identify what’s going on. I like to try to tune in to gather some awareness. Acknowledging the feeling coming up in my body and where it’s coming from usually does the trick. Journaling is also super helpful to discover the root cause of the feeling. Often times it dissipates by just becoming aware of it and acknowledging it on paper. This ensures that we’re not just skipping over the feelings part! Acknowledging the feeling, and giving ourselves grace as we move through things is a big self-love state-shifter too!

But what happens when we just feel off or low energy…when there’s not really much to explain it other than a long day, mercury in retrograde or hormones!

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